Sup everybody.   I almost feel like i need to re-introduce myself since i have been on a hiatus for the past few months.   I finally got my login issue figured out so now i’m back blogging for Fatlace.

So i’ve been really busy with Mellow Orange and we’re now drafting few ideas together for the 2nd half of the year.  We’re currently looking for videographer who’s good at motion graphics.  We’re hoping to put something together for Freddie Joachim’s next project. I really like the style used for Pato Pooh’s “follow me” video. If you know of anyone that has creative skill set, please let me know.

Pato Pooh ft Adam Tensta – Follow me
Produced by: Jeff “Gameboii” Roman
Label: DehDinPoik Entertainment

Director: Maceo Frost
Assistant Directors: Ali Alzamli & David Paullo
Graphics / Artwork: Maceo Frost & Ali Alzamli
Artwork Contributions: Alec Laine & Maciej Kuczyński
Post Production / Animation: Maceo Frost
Concept: Maceo Frost & Simon Saneback
Mixed & Recorded by: Carlos Cae D´Tourniel
Mastered by Masse Beats in Redline Studios