30 Jul 2013

Money for Motorheads!

MONEY FOR MOTORHEADS! From GUMOUT Get that oil dripping, parts needing, jackstand holding, project car on the road and out of your garage! GUMOUT the Illinois based company that helped the armed forces back in WWII wants to put some cash in your pocket ($2,500 to be exact) Share your

26 Jul 2013

Go OFF TRACK with Formula DRIFT

Come OFF TRACK with us! If you haven’t seen the video series we’ve created with YouTube’s official Action sports channel NetworkA you’re living under a rock in the drifting world… Formula DRIFT celebrating 10 years this year we’ve decided alongside my co-hosts “Danger” Andy & Jensen Argyle III as well

22 Jan 2013

Hoonigan Racing Div HQ LAUNCH, Block strikes again!

You know who Ken Block is by now, if ya don’t you’re a real part of The Walking Dead, dead to the world… So we’ll assume you’ve seen the Head Hoonigan In Charge (HHIC) work the wheel at least once! KB and his now founded Hoonigan Racing Division HQ is

09 Nov 2012

On the Horizon… Forza Horizon out now

Hello World… Well I’ve been on the Horizon literally and figuratively as I’ve been traveling a ton around the US of A and around the globe doing my deal, MC’ing, hosting, living it up, BLESSED! Having traveled & Instgrammed my travels @JarodDeAnda so much and no time to slow down

23 Jul 2012

MOTOR UNION: An event like no other! Aug 12th

The Motor Union is happening Aug 12th at Green Flash Brewing in SD! A mishmash of ALL makes & Models! Cars, BEER, Gear in SAN DIEGO, CA is happening, I mean could it get any better?!?!?! I’ll be there MC’ing the event, register now for some rad goodies! Look at

18 Jul 2012

The debate continues, V8 or TURBO?!?!

YAER Productions x Formula DRIFT, latest vid from the New Jersey round of competition, coincidentally Formula DRIFT at EVERGREEN RACEWAY aka The Battle in Seattle is THIS WEEKEND! Friday & Saturday, come out for one of the best rounds of competition in the Championship! V8 OR TURBO, WHAT DO YOU

11 Jun 2012

TAG you’re it!

Have kids? or are you a kid at heart?!? NERF! My son got stoked out on a NERF package NERF Dart Tag, 4 guns, 4 shirts, 4 glasses and shoot about 500 darts!!!!! GET SOME NERF in your life this summer too much fun! Stoked! Tough guy! I think he

30 May 2012


Interesting how we’ve started with conversations to literature to “Likes” to 140 characters to images… and many in betweens… What’s next? Thoughts? [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/42381325[/vimeo]

24 May 2012

Hotlanta to even HOTTER Kuala Lumpur! Formula DRIFT action worldwide

Been busy you know that, we all are in different degrees, family, work, stress, happiness, celebrations, sickness, health, wealth, happiness… The ebbs and flows of LIFE! Check out my last couple weeks of doing my deal being “The Voice of Drift” Formula DRIFT round 2 at Road Atlanta and then

09 May 2012

In Hot Water!

Been busy doing life, Instagramming & all that jazz but here’s what I got into a couple weeks ago… Desert Storm 2012 Poker Run, street party and Shoot out at Lake Havasu, it’s a BLAST on and off the water with some SICK BOATS! Check it! Wait where am I