18 Sep 2012

Sakura Shakotan

Rupesh is a guy who loves nothing more than old school J-tin sitting squat on the pavement.  Shakotan is a Japanese tuning style that has roots linked to ‘bosozoku’ and subtle tuning flares from the crazy ‘kaido racers’ that mysteriously troll the Wangan late at night.  It hasn’t spread like

15 Sep 2012

Hellaflush meets heels

Max Fouhy has a tradition of building cars that polarise opinion and his latest creation does exactly that, all over again. Sitting pretty on a set of 14×8.5 -0  & 14 x9.5 -5  SSR mkIIs, this has all the swagger of a Bob Marley toting a couple of Tommy guns… Fatlace

15 Sep 2012

Sakura Shakotan

Cherry blossoms hold a special place in Japanese peoples hearts.  The ‘cotton candy’ flowers are only around for a week or so, and when Rupesh called me up with an old school ‘shakotan’ ride I knew right away that the ‘sakura’ background was the only way to go. The Japanese

21 Aug 2012

Cut and polished…

In 1978 Mazda released the series 1 generation of the RX7.  Little did they know that they had just started something bigger than they could ever imagine.  This was the car that saved Mazda, and transformed the public image of Japanese cars from cheap bargain boxes, to builders of quality affordable

23 Jul 2012

Crash, bash, & smash – Speedway racing

Every country has original forms of motorsport, car tuning, and events and we support them passionately.  USA has Nascar, and Sprintcars, Finland has rallying, Aussie has the V8 Supercars, and New Zealand has stockcar racing.  These machines might look basic although peel back the layers and there is some serious

06 Jul 2012

Gravel GP – Rally New Zealand Introduction

It’s the kind of event which attracts the world’s most talented drivers.  With smooth flowing, cambered roads the Rally New Zealand is a favourite with the drivers. Of course before the main course a slight appetiser is on the cards.  Bon apetite! Ken Block showing his ‘hoonigan’ style managing to

04 Jun 2012

Flying coffins

About 100 years ago, the skies above Europe were alive with roaring engines and the world’s first aviation heroes were etching their place in the history books.  At a time where you life expectancy was less than 6-weeks the people who flew these planes which were commonly known as ‘flying

20 May 2012

Classic tin

In the tuning world, radical and wild aero, loud paint and bling are something that comes as ‘that optional extra’.  Not many of us remember but all these things used to come standard on certain whips.  When a tidy Impala cruises past everyone sits up and takes notice, it just

21 Apr 2012

RWB : Up close and personal

RWB has in the last 12 months become a global tuning sensation, the work of Nakai-san has amassed legions of fans, as well as a few with differing opinions.  A little over 12 months ago I took a trip to a small tuning garage, unaware that my outlook on tuning

08 Apr 2012

The Kiwi obsession with the rotary

Let’s face it, aftermarket tuning is a massive movement all over the world.  Some trends have come and gone (thank goodness!), although in little ol’ New Zealand one trend has almost become as much a part of New Zealand culture as pavalova, kiwibirds, and rugby!  It is without a doubt