11 Oct 2011

Team Fatlace: Final Fight @ Irwindale Top 32

With both Walker and Matt having great qualifying runs last Friday, we were all excited see our drivers go to battle in the Top 32 this past weekend. Walker and Matt have been driving awesome all season long and i’m sure they both wanted to go out swinging. The anxiety

08 Oct 2011

Team Fatlace: Final Fight @ Irwindale Qualifying

This weekend will mark the end of the 2011 Formula Drift season at Irwindale. Our Fatlace sponsored drivers Matt Field and Walker Wilkerson had awesome practice and qualifying runs all day. Walker Wilkerson qualified 7th with a high score of 83.3 and Matt Field qualified 17th with a high score

art of flight
08 Sep 2011

Red Bull: Art of Flight

FINALLY! I have been waiting for this film since the trailor released last year. Red Bull KILLED it with their last release, “That’s it, That’s all” so my expectations are high for this one. I am downloading it on iTunes as we speak so I will probably give you guys

30 Aug 2011

Taking A Look Back (Part 1)

I remember when I was just a customer walking into Fatlace for the first time way back in the day. I didn’t know too much about the company back then, I usually just stopped by on occasion whenever I had some free time since my work was right down the

04 Jul 2011

Evolution of a Subaru

Flashback to when we first launched our new site layout. Remember that Subaru wagon with the modified Voltex rear diffuser that we featured? Well the owner, good friend of mine Joe Bacigalupi, has done some minor modifications to his wagon since then. I have known Joe for  about 5-6 years

06 Jun 2011

Reverse Entry. JAWLS.

Warning: Reverse Entry will cause you to lose your aero. Ask Walker Wilkerson…

29 May 2011

World, Meet Tim Mar. Tim Mar, Meet World.

Meet Tim Mar… You can usually find him behind the counter at FTLC HQ during the week at Laguna x Post. Ever since I’ve known Tim, his main source of transportation was his fixed gear. Well, that changed about a month ago… This was the first time I got a

29 Apr 2011

Congratulations GST Motorsports!

This morning I awoke to the awesome news that local shop GST Motorsports based out of Hayward, CA and their amazing Impreza L will be going global and competing in Sydney, Australia representing TEAM USA! A lot of my  friends as well as myself have come to GST to get

20 Apr 2011

S14: Part “I Lost Count”

For as long as i’ve known Mark, I think I lost count on the number of transformations his S14 has been through. But I must say, this current set up is pretty gnarly. Surprisingly enough, I have NEVER sat shotgun while he was getting the car sideways. Last weekend, I

16 Apr 2011

Word Up: Spotlight

Well, today was our Word Up drift event over in Vallejo at the Solano Fairgrounds. It felt good to be out in the sunshine behind the lens and getting a chance to kick it with the FTLC crew. It’s been awhile since i’ve been around, Opening Week baseball pretty much