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adidas KB8 aka Crazy 8 Never released samples

Here are some pictures of the adidas Feet You Wear KB8 aka Crazy 8 samples that will never release. The first is the Cool Grey version.  The upper features a buttery suede upper.  Really nice color Last up is the Black perforated upper mesh with a turqoise hit…This is my favorite pair of KB8’s that…

JC PENNY Swinger 2

Thanks to Willie, Shohei and Deahana for hangin out and allowing me to snap some pics of the ride. Couldn’t believe JC Penny of all places once sold mopeds! Some custom work has been done to this particular swinger tho. Increased compression to mob up the steep SF hills, HKS look alike cold air intake, …

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is on the verge of signing a contract with the Golden State Warriors.  He is been the talk of the Las Vegas Summer League.  Its good to see an Asian ballin! ESPN Jeremy Lin


New Nike Sportswear TOKI ND. Featuring perforated matte silver upper with classic blue pin stripe sole. Keep that air movin’ through on those hot summer days nasty feet are not fresh. Limited Qty. Instore now!

Nike Women’s Polka Dot Dunks

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for sneakers, but it’s honestly been awhile since I’ve been swooning after a pair. But this morning while doing a little blog browsing, the ladies over at FSF spotlighted a pair of dunks that are an absolute must have for my feet! I’m absolutely loving the…


This weekend, July 24 – 25, Hellz will be taking over Fatlace to throw their Hellz Sample Sale! Come by Fatlace to save up to 75% off of all things Hellz. Just a heads up, during these days, there will be no Fatlace products for sale. Hellz Bellz ONLY. Even with our store closed, the…

MIVW 2010

How do you get people from Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, United kingdom and more together on one day? You can trust the guys of MIVW, this year they did it again. With over more then 1000 cars of VAG’s on the event it was a huge success. Here some pics of the event.

Daniel vs Food Buddha

Randomly got into a conversation with a customer named Daniel who looked real familiar. After the standard what you been up to, choppin it up, sorta talk. Eventually asked him what he did for a living. Said he was a chef over at the Tipsy Pig in sf. Did a quick google search and found…