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Sightseeing in Washington

Spent the weekend in Washington for Formula D. Saw a lot of dope cars and style different from the usual you see in California. Luckily the weather was great this year and the Slammed Society show was even bigger than before!

Goodguys Car Show from June

These photos are a bit old from the last Good Guys car show in Pleasanton.  Thought it might be cool to share and for me to have a new start to doing entries on here again so here they are!  It was my first time going to a Good Guys car show but I’ll be…

Alameda Classic Car Show

Saturday was the classic car show in my hometown Alameda.  This would be my 3rd time going to this, its always filled with a bunch of super clean classic American cars, typical Alameda style.

Fatlace Meets Pixar

Big big thanks to Edgar (who is an online customer we got to know) for giving us this amazing tour of Pixar in Emeryville, Ca.  Living in the East Bay and frequenting Emeryville, I always wondered what was past that gate.  Who isn’t a fan of Pixar?  When i found out we were going on…

Bowls LA Little Tokyo

I was able to stop by for the opening of the new Bowls LA in Little Tokyo while visiting the Nisei Festival.  I had randomly stumbled by the store eating at Daikokuya (bomb ass ramen). gotta love the old school BMX+Ruckus. nice assortment of Japanese Honda Ruckus/Zoomer parts Even a spot to lounge and read…

Gワークス August

Stopped by Kinokuniya this morning to pick up one of my favorite magazines, Gワークス (WORKS) magazine. This magazine is similar to the previously known “Autoworks” mag and is filled with mainly classic Japanese and some modern tuned cars from drag to drift style.

Formula D-rift photos

Evergreen Formula D had probably one of the most crashes I have witnessed. Make a mistake on the high speed turn and you may end up into the wall which happened to many of the cars there. Here are some of my photos from the drifting portion of Formula D.