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MotoGP Weekend pt.1

I think I’m going to break this one down into 2 parts just cause what I’ve experienced as a motorcycle enthusiast probably will never happen in ever again in my lifetime. See I was hit up by Chris Hull from Alpinestars in a very discreet IM saying, you in? In what, I say.. In for…

S2K x Social Club

Ryan Norris who will be contributing to the site fairly soon shot this Kitted, Slammed and Flushed S2000 and contributed to our Flickr Social Group called Fatlace Social Club. Join it today and share your photos and possibly get featured on the site.

Reed Space Hawaii

Jeff Staple & The team open up a Reed Space Pop Up store in Hawaii, so for those who are vacationing, please go and check it out. The store is open from the 29th (special friends & family opening) until August 8th at the Waikiki Park Hotel. Photos: HB

Random Snap | KGC10

Found out today that our neighbor beside us owns 2 REAL GTR’s from the 70s. Crazy. Here’s a photo of the Hakosuka GT2000 stripped down. See you guys Saturday at Hellaflush 6. Since I dont have all 4 Bronze TE37Vs in and have 2 Chrome lip ones, I put both on the leftright side for…

Super Team Fatlace

A few week ago we held the first ever Fatlace RC Drift Championship at the crib sponsored by HPI Racing. Here’s the team with their black shells. All cars had great offset and most were demon cambered. There’s a video coming soon. The most dangerous corner on the course. Full sweeper to a tiny exit.…

Just Days Away!

We’re just days away from 3 events. Hellaflush Miami, Hellaflush BBQtheBAY, and the redesigned website launch. Yeah, we know it hasnt been the same since we took down the old site but once the new site launches, itll be 10x fresh! So again, please be patient as we code away in the back room, making…

Vote for DJ Qbert. America’s BEST DJ + DJ Hero II

Vote for DJ QBert – America’s Best DJ In related news. Q-Bert will join the roster of DJs in DJ Hero II. Your chance to battle the best DJ in the world. He’s continually raising the bar for turntablism. (I’m still amazed by the no fader skratches). Dope to see him in a videogame. Congrats…

Hello Seattle

In conjunction with Formula Drift, the One of One Showcase at Evergreen Raceway in Washington featured some of the best rides from the area. Here’s a quick video featuring the cars as well as some drifters we sponsor.