18 Dec 2012

Chasing a Championship: The 2012 Australian Drifting GP

I have spent the past few years following the drift scene in Australia and have covered countless local events over the years. In 2011, Australia saw the return of a national drift series, the Australian Drifting GP. When my friend Rob Whyte told me that he had committed to competing

07 Oct 2012

Queensland Raceway Short Track & Matsuri 2012

The lead up to these events have been pretty incredible, with non-stop updates from entrants and competitors as they prepared for the biggest weekend of drift all year at our local track, Queensland Raceway. The weekend kicked off with the second series of the very popular Short Track competition. Running a

05 Aug 2012

You can’t steal team spirit

I must admit, when you think about it, the time and money that we spend on our hobby of cars and motorsport is not all that easy to justify in any rational sense. I know that many of my friends and family don’t understand, they just smile and nod as

06 Apr 2012

In the build: Kris Frome’s Drift R34

Purchased in 2003 with only 18,000km on the clock, Kris Frome’s 1998 R34 GT-T Skyline had big plans in store for the future. Kris spent the following years putting countless hours into the R34, creating his ideal show car that became one of the top cars for Pioneer, travelling around Australia

21 Mar 2012

Stadium Drift Pro Tour Round 1

The 2012 Stadium Drift Pro Tour kicked off the season with a massive start at Queensland Raceway, with many fresh builds hitting the track for their first competition. One of the notable additions to the field is Nick Coulson’s Holden VE Ute, sporting the Australian flag livery. Pushing well over

28 Jan 2012

Drifting through January

With 2011 ending in a blaze of smoke at Formula Drift in Malaysia and a broken camera, I returned home to start at the task of getting a new camera body. Being a 1D addict, what I want and what I can afford are always two different stories! Naturally I

25 Dec 2011

The year that was.

2011 has been a year of non-stop motorsport, closely following the local drift scene. I just wanted to share a few of the highlights as I look back on what has been a massive year. The year got off to a bit of a rough start, with my home town

20 Oct 2011

A Tale of Two Civics

This story begins at a workshop on the south side of Brisbane that is well know for their work with the development of Honda’s. Workshop owner Ivan has built a reputation at Hi Power Racing for creating powerful cars that perform consistently. When I dropped in to the shop a few

29 Sep 2011

Monster Energy 350z

We have been following the build of Monster Energy drifter Rob Whyte, as he and his team created their ultimate 350z. If you missed the start of the story, you can check them out here: Part 1 and Part 2. The build is finally complete and here is a look

25 Aug 2011

QR Morning Drift Sesion

It was an early start on Thursday morning, but they always seem much easier when the destination is a racetrack. Queensland Raceway was the venue for one of the regular meets that allow up and coming drifters to get out and slide with plenty of room to build up some