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30 Mar 2015

Ride or Slide Family

This weekend while attending the SuperStreet x Formula Drift Tech Day over in Irvine, CA.  I ran into my buddy Ernie who happens to be showing his GTR at the OlloClip booth. Soon after I was introduce to, Mark Sweetser – director of sales of Olloclip and got to check out their very nifty product. The Olloclip is a

01 Oct 2014

30 Days to SEMA – Fatlace GS

Today marks 30 days till the road to SEMA. I haven’t really said much about what’s been going on but it’s something I’ve been planning with Marshall over at AirrexUSA for quite sometime now. I’m very excited, I haven’t really done a build to this scale and to be quite

04 Sep 2014

Catching up w/ Phife Dawg & DJ Rasta Root at Illest LA

While I was still at working out of our Los Angeles store, I got to meet some amazing people. From fans of the brands, to industry personnel and all the way up to famous celebrity’s. Though the one visit that tops almost everything is meeting hip-hop royalty Phife Dawg the

01 Sep 2014

A day in SAN DYAGO.

Besides the title of this post, I’m going to be a good boy and leave out all the Anchorman quotes and puns… So its Sunday morning and I have nothing to do really. I’m laying in bed trying to decide what whats for lunch. Then I remember a few of

17 Jul 2014

Spocom Super Show: Anaheim

After a month and a half of waiting for my Canon FTB film camera to be serviced and repaired, I finally got it back! And just in time for Spocom Anaheim. I haven’t really been attending any car shows nor have I shown my personal car this year. I’ve been

17 Jun 2014

Slammed Sundays at Illest OC hosted by LTMW & Crooks n’ Castles

This time around, Slammed Sundays was hosted by our good friends from Crooks n’ Castles & LTMW. It was a great turn out, especially that fathers day happened to land on the same day as the meet. Though the event did end a little earlier than usual because everyone was

02 Jun 2014

Sam Ip Media takes on Wekfest Los Angeles

My good friend Sam Ip made an amazing video covering WekFest LA this passed weekend for Team Legacy. His work is amazing and it only gets better with every new release. Enjoy! make to follow him on Instagram: Samipmedia TEAMLEGACY: WEKFEST LONG BEACH 2014 TEAMLEGACY: WEKFEST LONG BEACH 2014 from

01 Jun 2014

WEKFEST: The Players of Los Angeles

First I’d like to congratulate the guys over at Wekfest for such an amazing show. I myself enjoyed the day very much and this may sound premature, but I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be one of the best show’s SoCal has to offer. I did hear that roll in was