Back from the Motherland and beyond overwhelmed with the natural beauty of the islands, the love of my peoples and being one with my roots.  Though it was far from being my first time to the Philippines, this time…was different.  Maybe it’s how much the country is changing (for the better).  Maybe it’s me settling into older and wiser ways.  Or maybe, it’s just me feeling beyond jaded with my own birth country’s current racist agenda, poverty or one percent mindset, work ’til you die rat race that gets you zero steps forward and 2 steps back, along with the daily bombardment of BS…BS.

I pick D) all of the above.

Whatever it is, I’m still flying high.  Intoxicated with the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful country.  Surprised but not surprised by the kindhearted, fun-loving ways of the people.  And the culture.  So much indescribable culture, in the food, the transportation (aka jeepneys, tricycles and e-trikes) and just the simple life.  I learned so much.  Including my own history while standing on my family’s ancestral lands.  The same soil generations of us have prevailed on…and I’m not letting it go.

So I’m gathering my eggs, and carefully putting them in my newly woven basket…

And big congratulations to my cousin on the most beautiful, grandest wedding I’ve ever been to.  So proud of you on bringing the whole family together to a place far from home and reminding us exactly where our hearts will always be.  Welcome to our great big family Ray!  #maedforray


Already missing Mom and Dad and my home away from home but I’ll be back!

See you next year PI!