CD Projekt Red and Rockstar Energy Drink have revealed their 1-of-1 custom Quadra muscle car, available to one lucky winner through four unique collectible Cyberpunk 2077 x Rockstar Energy Drink cans. Fans will find an entry code under the tab of each can, which they can enter at The Quadra is the grand prize, a mix of retro and future modeled after the fictional Quadra brand of cars in the Cyberpunk universe.

The car itself is built on a 1970 Mustang 302 fastback and was built by Rockstar Energy’s own inhouse Rockstar Energy Drink Performance Garage located in Southern California.

The custom Quadra muscle car, created by Rockstar Energy’s in-house Performance Garage, is an impressive blend of retro aesthetics and futuristic design, drawing inspiration from the fictional Quadra brand in the Cyberpunk universe. While the 1970 Mustang 302 fastback forms the base of this unique vehicle, it undergoes a remarkable transformation at the skilled hands of the Rockstar Energy team. In addition to their expertise in building stunning custom cars, they could also enhance the Quadra’s appearance and make it truly stand out on the streets with high-quality vehicle wraps. Professional services from can provide the perfect finishing touch, ensuring that the Quadra’s exterior perfectly reflects its futuristic appeal and attracts attention wherever it goes. The collaboration between CD Projekt Red, Rockstar Energy, and the Performance Garage has resulted in a remarkable prize that any fan of Cyberpunk 2077 would be thrilled to call their own.

This is one of those builds that just makes you love what you do and the team you have to accomplish it. Thanks to everyone who helped and our good friend Contance Nunes for giving us that insight and help with the build along the way.” – Nic Ashby, Owner / Operator of Rockstar Performance Garage.


Most exterior body parts on the car were replaced with carbon fiber by Anvil Auto, and a more aggressive custom grille was designed by T-REX Grilles to create a phantom shroud over the headlights, evoking the look of the Quadra muscle cars in the game. A custom machined QUADRAbadge by Billet Badges was also fitted to the grille. New fog and reverse lights by Baja Designs were fitted to bring the exterior lights into the modern age and the body of the car is finished in a custom DH Graphics wrap in the exclusive Quadra Yellow. The base black paint job was done by Irwindale Collision.

The performance and handling of the car was brought 50 years into the future with a full installation of fuel injection components and an on-board computer management system by FAST to accommodate more modern drivers. Airflow to the engine was increased with a dual intake from K&N Filters and new cooling by Mishimoto. Power additions meant that upgrades to suspension, drivetrain and brakes were required. Yukon Gear & Axle provided a beefier 9-inch 3rd member installed into a new axle housing by Currie, braking was converted to 4-wheel disk brakes from R1 Concepts, and suspension was given a new coilover system on all four wheels by Ridetech, giving the feel and handling of a modern day performance car. The 3-piece forged Rotiform wheels are painted satin black and wrapped in performance tires from Mickey Thompson, and the sound of the Quadra is brought to life by a custom dual exhaust system from Magnaflow.


The interior is fitted with all new custom Status seats trimmed to a similar design as the interior in the Quadra. More carbon fiber from Anvil Auto adorns every corner of the interior with a racing steering wheel by Status. A full digital gauge system from Dakota Digital taps into all the sensors throughout the car and the gauge lighting colors are fully customizable from your phone, though they run Quadra Yellow as default. Keanu Reeves plays the rockstar ‘Johnny Silverhand‘ in the game so it felt fitting to have a proper audio system by KICKER in the car as well. All electronics are powered by a long-lasting Odyssey AGM battery.

For the parts of the car that did remain stock (chrome trim, replacement glass, lights and interior trim), fresh OEM replacement parts from Classic Industries were fitted to make the car feel like it just rolled off the Quadra assembly line. Best of all, the car only has 37,000 miles on it and the engine is still in great condition after 50 years.