January is a very special month for enthusiasts as automotive builders are highlighted thru the Tokyo Auto Salon. A must attend for JDM devotees, TAS records in more than 250,000 guests per year. For the record, 2019 logged in more than 300,000 – all in a span of 3 days. Over the past 2 years, I have had the privilege of covering one of the biggest aftermarket shows for Fatlace.com.

Here’s a quick story from last year’s experience.

With more than 800 cars on the show floor, choosing a personal favorite is a challenging-yet-fun task. For my 2018 favorites, I listed 10 personal picks: https://fatlace.com/tas-2018-best-best/, clearly the Garage Active R32 stole my heart.

For 2019, my eyes were glued on a completely different platform, a BMW E24 – modified by Coutner Japan.

With the help of Kei Miura, an BMW E24 was CGI scanned resulting into a Japanese – Group 5 inspired race car. The final output is astonishing in all angles.

Together with KW Suspension, the E24 was displayed in the halls of Makuhari Messe. After the egress, we got a private invite for an intimate meet at the heart of Shibuya. This gave me an access to shoot the car together with the guys behind the build.

Fancy parking slot number huh…

Sadly, for this year, due to a prior commitment, I may have to stay here in Manila during the weekend. Can’t wait to fly out for a car event in Japan soon. Be right back with more coverage.

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