Super late and super apologize for the lateness
but it’s been a rough few months for me and my nearest and dearest.
More on that later…

But here’s a quickie on all the little things I did over the holidays
and since my last post.

Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture @ OMCA
Soju wasted. #HNY
Flights and flatiron steaks.
Mugsy has a new toy. His name is Manok.


Until we meet again.
We love you Lola.
Thank you…for everything.

A family that plays together stays together.#mahjong
Taken our last trip to the Philippines together. (April 2015)


Dahil Sa Iyo
Because of you, I found happiness
That to you I offer this love that is so blessed
Though indeed I may be a slave for loving you so true
It matters not to me, ‘cause everything’s because of you.