Dream rose to fame in the “graffiti” world in the late ‘80s and ‘90s with his artwork in Oakland, CA. He is internationally known for his “graffiti” style that connects art and social justice. Through his life Dream has inspired many, in all age groups, cultures and nationalities, conveying messages about social consciousness, community, pride in culture and history, on the West Coast and regions beyond.

On February 17, 2000, Dream was murdered, but his memory remains in the hearts of his family, friends, admirers and the community.

Legacy: The Art of Mike “Dream” Francisco honors the life of artist and writer Mike “Dream” Francisco who pioneered the art form of “graffiti” on the West Coast. The exhibition runs from January 14, 2012 to April 14, 2012 at the historic International Hotel in San Francisco.

Photos below are from the opening reception held on January 14, 2012.  


Mike’s biggest legacy…
his only child, Akil Francisco,
with his trusty sidekick King.

 Rest in Power KING DREAM.
(Sunrise) August 15, 1969 – (Sunset) February 17, 2000

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Legacy: The Art of Mike “Dream” Francisco,
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  1. Thank you Christine for your beautiful tribute to Mike “Dream” Francisco. I felt the love energy among family, friends, and community during the opening reception. Manilatown Heritage Foundation is honored to host the Dream’s Legacy exhibit and welcomes everyone to see his work at the Center, celebrate Dream’s birthday in February, participate in the panel discussion in March, and attend the closing party in April.

    1. Evelyn, it is always my pleasure to spread word about Mike’s life, art and ideas. He is a true inspiration and many can learn from everything he was passionate about. The exhibit is a beautiful tribute thanks to you, John, Eric, Greg and the entire TDK family. I will definitely be back to see the exhibit again soon. Please feel free to share this blog post with others. Hopefully it will help spread the word so that others can see the legacy Mike “Dream” Francisco left behind.

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