Mister Cartoon opened the doors of his studio and complex last week to launch his latest venture called Sanctiond. Sanctiond is a line of car care products developed by Mister Cartoon for every type of car enthusiast. It is great to see this come to fruition after being privileged enough to have conversations with Cartoon when this was in the planning stages. Congrats to Cartoon and all of those involved. For those of you who have been waiting to be tattooed by him, I get in there now. I can see in the very near future that the Sanctiond brand will take up so much of his time because of its success that he will not have time to tattoo.

Various types of custom and collectable cars were set up throughout the complex as well as the Factory Place arts complex next door representing various car cultures. Cartoon also had some of his personal cars on display.

Inside of the Factory Place building was Albert De Alba’s Lowrider of the Year “El Rey”, Platinum’s SLR, Cartoon’s 59 Impala “Penny Lane” and two hoppers that did a demo later in the evening.

In N Out Burgers for everyone! Cool Haus was there too but I did not get a photo.

Shots from around the event.