Stephanie & I were out last night in Santa Monica to support our friends The Hundreds and their Garfield art show opening. We arrived to find a huge line in front of the venue with  fans of The Hundreds  and Garfield waiting to get in to purchase the collaboration items  and a chance to meet Garfield creator Jim Davis. Thankfully Stephanie & I ran into Dom from Brooklyn Projects who brought us in through the side entrance. The event space was already packed to capacity with friends, family and VIPs. We got to see our friends Scotty Hundreds, Switch, Rob Heppler, Tony Hundreds, and Rod from Emortal. We checked out the venue and then went up to the loft area where Jim Davis was signing and parked ourselves there for the duration of the time we were there.

Here is the view from the loft area.

Jim Davis was already signing at full steam when we got there. He was very personable and took photos with everyone after signing their items.

Bobby Hundreds , Ben Hundreds and Jim Davis

Jersey Joe aka Rime & Jim Davis

Mandee Guns (The Hundreds, Brooklyn Projects) and friends with Jim Davis

Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz were in attendance as well.

Ben Hundreds, Bobby Hundreds and Garfield

Some of our favorite pieces from the show.

I have a lot more photos to go through so look out for another blog post. A huge congratulations to Bobby, Ben, Jim Davis and all of those involved in the collaboration and art show.  We’d like to thank Bobby and Ben for the invite and giving us full access to Jim Davis and the loft area.

If you’d like to check out the art and purchase some of the collaboration items. Here is the address. 416 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401.