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Better season than usual? racing wise, I think so, even if it has been a little one sided, but thats the way F1 works, technological advancement advantages are usually gained and dominated by one or two teams per season, and this year, it’s Mercedes’ turn.

The last race of the 2014 F1 season comes to an end tomorrow with a title fight on our hands for Lewis Hamilton and Nice Rosberg of Mercedes AMG F1 but who’s your money on?

With double points being thrown in to stir things up, everything is at stake for both drivers.  As a supporter of Hamilton, i’ll be rooting for him, considering he has won 10 races to Nico’s 5 and as well as Rosberg has never overtaken Lewis to win a race.

Lewis Hamilton – 334 points
Nico Rosberg – 317 points

Hamilton can win the title if…

  • he wins or comes 2nd.
  • he places 3rd, 4th or 5th AND Rosberg does not win.
  • he places 6th AND Rosberg does not finish in the top 2.
  • he places 7th or 8th AND Rosberg does not finish in the top 3
  • he places 9th AND Rosberg does not finish in the top 4
  • he comes 10th or retires AND Rosberg does not finish in the top 5.

Race starts at 1pm GMT.  I think thats 5am West Coast and 8am East Coast.

In other news…Haas F1 team USA is kicking off real soon with employment.

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