During Milan Design Week, Lexus will exhibit a special edition of the Lexus LF-SA concept. Surrounded by a cocoon of mirrors, the matte white vehicle is part of the exhibit, “Lexus – A Journey of the Senses” at Spazio Lexus at Torneria (via Tortona, 32), which offers an experience that awakens the senses to the excitement of the Lexus journey.



The exhibit was created by world-renowned space designer Philippe Nigro in collaboration with acclaimed chef Hajime Yoneda. “Lexus – A Journey of the Senses” presents a sensory experience on the theme of “Senses.” When space designer Philippe Nigro visited a Lexus plant, he was impressed to learn how much care goes into the unseen internal details. This led him to the “Inside-Out’” concept that enables visitors to experience beauty from every angle.