I walk into hundreds of antique stores and take deep breaths, soaking in all of the history around me.

I spend hours going thorugh the racks reading each item wondering where it came from and the journey it had.

-Ali, vintage buyer at Free People

Alright, times out. First things first. Vintage buyer at Free People? Yes, please. Ali certainly has the “dream job” as she gets to travel the world in search of rare finds for Free People‘s newest (err oldest?) collection of Vintage LOVES. The name tells you a bit about what she’s looking for all in itself. But, Vintage LOVES is a handpicked collection of recycled treasures from around the world. The collection just  just dropped last week and is semi-sold out, but still has plenty of “I need” treasures in the mix.

Personally, I die for broken-in chambry shirts, crocheted crop tops, and beaded leather moccasins. The hippie, lace, and denim collections are totally dreamy. You know–in that twirl-around-your-bedroom,  “oooo….lets play dress up” kinda way. Each piece from the Vintage LOVES collection is handpicked with well, love–and is guarenteed to add a little femininity to your closet. Even for the most tomboyish-girls (ie: me).

Shop the whole collection here. The prices vary and in some cases seem higher than you should probably pay. But you know…sometimes you just can’t live without a vintage lace cropped top with black bows. I understand. Let me know if you get any of the resistible pieces…maybe we can share.