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Incase DJI Mavic Compression Case Review

Today, Incase released their brand new collection of drone dedicated bags including the Incase DJI Mavic Compression Case. I got an early preview of the case to put it through the paces.

The case is sleek featuring a durable black exterior with an almost flush top handle and tone on tone branding. The zippers open and close with ease opening the clam shell case to expose the pre-made foam interior made specifically for the popular DJI Mavic.

The foam offers ultimate protection and fits the drone, controller, and spare batteries. The mesh pocket can be found on the opposite side of the case and can hold thinner items such as cables, documents, and more. Anything too large or thick risks damaging the drone when the case is closed.

The case is lightweight and makes it convenient to carry around. The case isn’t the smallest, but will fit nicely in a standard backpack or tote.

The DJI Mavic Compression Case retails for $59.95. The complete Incase Drone Collection is available at select retailers nationwide and online at Incase.com.

John P

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