With the release of the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, many of us that still aren’t up for an update or renewal or simply want to hold out before taking the plunge into the larger sized iPhone will still hang onto the iPhone 5 and 5s. I typically wait before making any new phone purchases and let the bugs get fixed and the stock to replenish. I’ve decided to share my favorite 10 iPhone 5/5s cases for the non-early adapters in no particular order.

Mophie Space Pack

The Mophie Space Pack for the iPhone 5/5s is my daily go to case. A necessity for additional juice on the go this pack also provides extra storage for your photos, music, and more. I go through one charge a day and when traveling so this case has saved me on numerous occasions. The case is basic in style, but I do like the satin finish which provides a nice grip and added protection. The LED light indicator on the back is a great feature to easily check how much extra juice is available. The only downside is the extra size and weight the pack provides, but that’s a small price to pay for more power. The Space Pack comes in 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB storage sizes, four colors, and starts at $149.95.

Incase Frame Case

Another one of my favorite brands that provides clean, modern design and functionality. The Incase Frame Case shows off the beautiful design of the iPhone 5 / 5s while providing protection and additional grip. The simplicity enhances the function by keeping the phone lightweight only adding a little bit of extra size to easily store away in any pocket. Several colors are available and priced affordably at $29.95.

Hex Solo Wallet

Hex is one of my favorite accessories brands and their Solo Wallet is perfect for light travel and daily use. The case has two integrated card slots for credit cards, cash, and ID’s. So not only do you get added protection, but also provides a convenient and simple way to carry the bare necessities. The Solo Wallet is made out of genuine leather for an added touch of class. Available in Red, Black, and Camo (my personal favorite) and is fairly priced at $39.95.

Recover Skateboard Case

The warmth and beauty of real wood is brought to life with the Recover Skateboard Case. The case features a natural wood backplate inlayed into a satin-coated polycarbonate bumper for long-lasting protection and durability. The snap-fit construction has a low profile that is the slimmest wood iPhone 5 / 5s case on the market. I especially like this skateboard case as it mimics the multiple layers of a skateboard. There are multiple wood finishes available including several designs from their collaboration with Pendleton. Priced starting at $38.00.

Hard Graft Mighty Phone Fold Wallet

Sometimes you just want an all-in-one option. The Hard Graft Might Phone Fold Wallet is a beautiful combination case and wallet using premium vegetable tanned Italian leather of the utmost craftsmanship. The internal pocket is made specifically for the iPhone, while the 6 slotted pockets fit cash, credit cards, ID’s, and more. The snap closures, soft lining, and red and white ribbon detail make this a premium option. Available in one classic tan exterior leather color with black leather interior and priced at about $177 (US).

LifeProof Fre

A waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof solution for your iPhone 5 / 5s. The LifeProof Fre is a great for action sports such as snowboarding, dirt bike riding, and even stand-up paddleboarding to provide tunes and safe access to your phone in any environment. Pair the case with their LifeProof Armband for not only the gym and a run, but also to swim, surf, or just about anywhere for hands free / waterproof access. Available in a host of colors and priced at $79.99 with the armband priced at $49.99.

Incipio Atlas ID

The Incipio Atlas ID is a waterproof case that also protects from shock, dirt, and dust. The scratch resistant tempered glass keeps your phone safe in the elements. Touch ID compatible, your phone’s functions are still available for use. I tested this case out while in Hawaii and had a blast surfing and stand-up paddlboarding using my phone with case to take photos while in the ocean. The case is a bit finicky when wet as expected, but worth the trouble to have the option to listen to music and have access to the camera phone while having peace of mind. Available in four colors and priced at $89.99.

Scosche kickBACK Sport

The Scosche kickBACK Sport helps provide ample protection and makes it easy to Facetime, watch movies, and more from your phone. The integrated kickstand keeps the phone upright when you need it most. Available in multiple fun colors and priced at $29.99.

Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition

The Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Edition is a futuristic and sleek case with real carbon fiber details. The CNC machined aluminum frame is slim and lightweight and very strong. This case comes as a complete kit with their Attack Back Plate made of high impact-resistant TPU and genuine aerospace grade carbon fiber, a molded EVA Action Case, Rash Guard, screen protector, and Speed Wrench. Priced a bit higher than other options due to the cost of construction and high-end materials at $159.95.

Rokform RokShield Mountable Case

For extreme protection and function, the Rokform Mountable Case / Rokshield v3 w/ Car Mount, provides security and peace of mind for you phone along with the multi-use option to mount it to multiple surfaces. My fiance loves her Rokform Mountable Case for its light weight and super secure design that protects her phone from drops out of her purse. But her favorite feature is the magnet on the back that allows her to stick the phone to multiple surfaces such as the side of our fridge to listen to music or look up recipes. The Mountable Case also comes with car dash mount to mount your phone on the dash of your car to easily use your phone for navigation and help keep your handsfree while driving for additional safety. Available in multiple colors and configurations (their Custom Shop on the website allows you to design your own) and starts at $39.00.