For those  of you that don’t know I love and have a passion for art and urban toys. With that said I would like to introduce you to Jason Freeny, in my opinion a force to be reckoned with.

Jason pretty much can do it all,  from making digital copies of his art pieces to his vary own sculpture designs. But what Jason is known for is his Dissected sculptures.

One of Jason’s most recent sculptures has got my jaw hitting the floor. What you are looking at is a piece from Coarsetoys  ‘Jaws Noop.’ Now that in it self is a nice piece to have but a fan of Jason’s wanted him to work his magic on this and make it one of a kind. Which he did!

Jason takes great detail into every piece he does, making sure he touches on all the body parts of  the character he is dissecting.

Another incredible piece is this Ron English ‘Lucy Exposed.’

One of my Favs is this Cutaway 5″ Anatomical Mario, such a classic piece to own..

Jason also does his own sculptures from scratch, which is nothing short from amazing..  I also would like to congratulate Jason for winning the Clutter Magazine ‘Breakthrough Artist’ award from the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.

If you would like to check out Jason’s other pieces check out both his sites..

Moist Production Blog

Moist Production website