Just in case you missed the amazing Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney museum in NYC – here is a bit of it.   I had the opportunity to see this exhibit.  I waited in line in the rain.  They told me there was no good time to go and that the museum experienced a line to get in the entire 4 mos Koons work was showing.

Jeff Koons is regarded as one of the most important, influential, popular, and controversial artists.  You will see what I mean as you scroll. This (I would say) is his most iconic piece.  Balloon Dog.  The orange balloon dog sold at a Christie’s auction for $58 million making Koons the highest paid artist ever.

This type pf Koons art is called Banality – which means to  embrace without embarrassment our childhood affection for toys .  Otherwise recognized as Michael Jackson and Bubbles.  Kinda creepy.


Lobster Meat

Is this legal? And where can I find exceptional vibrating underwear?

We’re all over the place here.

I couldn’t figure out how this was suspended.

She has lost her head.

Jeff’s favorite breed?

I know. I know.  but I know you wanted to see it!

This was some photo shoot.

I do appreciate that he has tried so many mediums, but does this look good?

Sex Quartz?

Hey, is this adult Disneyland?

Arrow loved all the colors!

And He thought this was play-dough

It’s a piece of cake.

This is where we saw Koons early work.  I am not sure I understood the 50 piece Hoover vacuum instillation.

Jeff took a shot at advertising.  I think all the greats try it.  Wasn’t Mark Arsenal in advertising once?

Hennessy the civilized way to lay down the law.  Does this mean – drink this now so I can get you to do what I want you to do?

Yes, 2 basketballs floating in a fish tank.  $900,000

He too worked at Nike.

This isn’t the Jackson 5.

I love your work Jeff, but what is this?   If you missed NYC you can go see for yourself at the Musée is Paris.