My friend and fellow Nissan enthusiast Scotty Cranmer has been tearing it up lately on his YouTube Channel. In this video you will see Scotty, & his sidekick Cory Berglar play a game of BIKE. Your probably wondering, what in the hell is BIKE, well if you know basketball and the game HORSE…then you already know what’s up! Yup, these guys are awesome and a ton of fun to watch, Cory may not be as well known as Scotty but the dude has the biggest balls and isn’t afraid to lay it all down on the line! I suggest you wait for it, because it’s not everyday you see a guy tail whip over a GTR! In the meantime subscribe to his YouTube Channel and #staytuned for all the latest tricks & edits that Scotty is laying down. As you can tell his video editing skills are really beginning to take shape! The sound effects are so on point! keep it up fellas!