Photo Dump | Flushstyle II Parking Lot

The parking lot is a sight not to be missed in every car event. I headed out to Thailand last year to join Flushstyle’s 2nd year anniversary. I was amazed …


Blogging and Bread

And on the 41st day… …back to blogging!  And bread....

Misa Campo x Illest Skateboard & Tee Release – Philippines!

Join us for the Misa Campo x Illest Skateboard and...

BIA 2014 Tour – Manhattan Beach

Bodyboarders and spectators gathered at Manhattan Beach on Saturday, March...


Fotobit: Modular Photo Framing System

Fotobit is a modular photo framing system. In a day...

Benton Performance

John Benton restores and races Porsches maintaining a purist point...

Flashback to Slammed Society Guam 2013

Hafa Adai, It’s been awhile since I posted a blog...


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Blogging and Bread

Posted on by christine

And on the 41st day…

…back to blogging!  And bread.

Did ya miss me?

Full post next week.  In the meantime….

a belated #420 for all you heads.

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Misa Campo x Illest Skateboard & Tee Release – Philippines!

Posted on by Fatlace Crew

Join us for the Misa Campo x Illest Skateboard and Tee Release on April 29, 2014 at the Rail in Glorietta 5, Makati, Philippines. After party will be held at the Imperial Ice Bar! 

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BIA 2014 Tour – Manhattan Beach

Posted on by Fatlace Crew

Bodyboarders and spectators gathered at Manhattan Beach on Saturday, March 22, 2014 for the start of the 2014 CBC BIA Pro/Am Tour! Competitors did their best with the conditions presented to them—mainly overcast conditions and 1-3 foot waves with an occasional head high waves rolling through. We are proud to say that our Illest team boarders Sean McElroy and Justin Cadiente participated in the event and represented well! Sean McElroy competed in AAA and Pro Open, earning himself 1st place in both divisions as well as a $250 cash prize. He also got the three divisions move of the contest with a big air reverse spin. Justin Cadiente competed and placed in three divisions, 1st place in Masters, 3rd in Pro Open and 3rd and Pro Drop Knee. The BIA tour will make it’s next stop on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Ponto State Beach in Carlsbad, California. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!

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Illest x Apex Surfboard

Posted on by Anthony Nguyen

Summer is right around the corner, while in Hawaii it doesn’t ever really leave.  So why not add this to your quiver of surfboards – the locally-handmade, eco-friendly, sustainable, custom, limited Illest x Apex Nomad Surfboard!  Made by Rey Banatao from Entropy Resins, only one will be on sale at Illest Hawaii!  Who’s gonna bring this one of a kind board home and to the beach?!


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Wren V5 Wireless Speaker System Review

Posted on by John P

Wren Sound releases the Wren V5 wireless speaker system that combines old-school audio materials with cutting-edge technology. Various versions are available specifically tailored for either Airplay, Play-Fi and Bluetooth and can be hooked up to your TV or Blu-ray player for a full room audio solution.

I was immediately drawn to the sleek and sophisticated styling with the rosewood (also available in bamboo wood) and silver aluminum accents that brought out the subtle curves of the device. The design easily fits into any modern setting.

The device connects to Apple or Android devices over Wi-Fi – Airplay, Play-Fi and Bluetooth along with the USB and AUX dock to charge and connect additional devices. Wirelessly connect and stream music from up to 150 feet from a Wi-Fi router or access point and up to 30 feet from the speaker for Bluetooth version.

The speaker has a silicone pad base that stabilizes the frame and absorbs cabinet vibration, so the speaker can play at high volume without vibrations. Additional controls on the device allow to control the volume and switch between sources.

After testing out the speaker in various scenarios, I found the speaker sound to be quite nice and set-up is a breeze. The Bluetooth functionality made it easy to switch back and forth between different devices including my iPhone and iPad to provide whole room sound. I also connected the speaker via an auxiliary cable direct to my MacBook Pro to provide extra sound power when streaming a movie.

Sound quality is superb. The highs are nice and crisp while the warm mid-tones provide a nice balance. The bass is solid and rich. I tested the sound with various types of music from hip-hop to electronic and rock and each genre was easily showcased to its full potential with this speaker system.

Size matters and the Wren V5 combines convenient wireless connectivity with the sound of other larger and expensive speaker systems. The Wren V5 does need to be plugged into a power outlet, but that can be expected and with killer styling it looks like a modern piece of furniture and does not take away from the overall design of the room. Yet, if portability is needed, the device easily can be moved into various settings. I can see the speaker being moved from room to room or even brought outdoors for gatherings such as BBQs.

The Wren V5 can be purchased on various websites including the Wren Sound website. For $399.00, the Wren V5 is at the top of its class in its price point.

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Fotobit: Modular Photo Framing System

Posted on by John P

Fotobit is a modular photo framing system. In a day when social media has become our chosen form of communication, the preservation of captured memories often fade and are pushed away as quickly as the next Instagram or Facebook post. Fotobit aims to help preserve these memories by providing a unique photo framing system for square (4″ x 4″) photos. The frames are modular and can be connected creating a narrative of your photos. Installation looks very simple and easy with endless possibilities for the display of your captured moments.

Fotobit has already reached their Kickstarter goal, but for a few days you can still take advantage of their early bird deals that include free prints from Printagram. Check out the video below for more info.

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Benton Performance

Posted on by John P

John Benton restores and races Porsches maintaining a purist point of view. He believes keeping the lines and body of the vehicle in tact in order to preserve the original form only modifying slightly as to not take away from the design. He has a proven track record taking victories at the La Carrera Panamericana race, one of the most grueling road races with his 356.

“What can we do that looks like Porsche, feels like Porsche, but takes it to the next level.”

The video below tells the story of his journey and passion for his cars that started with his 912 in 1984.

Check out the new SILVR ARROWS website for more on the finer details vintage sports cars, and the world that surrounds them.

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Little bit after midnight

Posted on by Yogi

For those who follow me on Instagram *cough* YogiFatlace *cough*cough* I recently mention that if you are a car guy, SoCal is the place to be. It is! and I stand by it. There will always be that great debate on what city reign’s supreme and who has the best cars. But common, you can literally go 2 or 3 blocks down in any direction, LA or OC and find something awesome roaming the street. From imports, to low riders. Or classics and exotics if that’s what you fancy. It’s always sunny in SoCal, well most of the time. The night’s are perfect and a good time to cruise around with friends. Car guys are always down to kick it at anytime of the day or night.

 This evening after a nice dinner with my girlfriend. It so happen that my friend Johnne Sou aka E60Daddy was in the area with friends. I decided to stop by and do a little bit of chit chating.

 It so happened that I left my camera in the back seat and one thing let to another…

 Let the shoot begin.

 Sometimes you don’t need a super fancy location to shoot. This gas station did just fine. Good lighting and late enough to where people weren’t getting gas at this time of the night.

Johnne’s E60 on AirForce air suspention and sitting on Leon Hardiritt Waffe

 Recently had his car wrapped in a Satin white pearl. Done by Mike Vo of MVwraps in El Monte. Looking good!

Patrick, representing PureVIP. He recently made the move down here from NorCal to SoCal. See, he got the memo! hahaha. Welcome!


Sitting on some temp wheel’s but still looks good to me.

 Loc Dang’s IS350.

 It’s funny. For some reason I assume all Lexus owner are running bags. I told him to air up when we were shooting at a different location and he was looking at me with a strange look. This guy is running static and sometime I wonder how he does it. I myself still struggle to get over speed bumpers and I have air! I’ve broken some many parts, yet he manages to get over bumps and his car is in better shape than mine. I really need to learn how to drive.

  Jeno Thossansin and his 6th gen Toyota Camry

 I’ve seen this car plenty of times but this is the first time we officially met. Very unique and it flows very well. I’ve seen plenty of guys “TRY” to work on this generation Camry and its usually a big fail. There are literally only two that I really enjoyed looking at. This one and the Low and Slow Camry.

 Sitting on a set of AG wheel’s. I really like the color scheme on this car.

 Last but not least. Johnny’s IS-F converted IS. Just kidding it’s an IS-F. The guys kept teasing him and calling his car a conversion, haha.

 Sitting on a set of Work Meisters. Overall look, I think this car looks awesome! One of the best IS-F’s I’ve seen in person. Perfect fitment with enough rubber to have some fun and take some turns.

 Rockin’ and Reppin’  that very popular JDM Ego plate. I </3 YOUR FAKE WHEELS.

 Mr Johnne Sou broadcasting live, Via Instagram. You better tag me. haha

 And the last shot of the night.

 It so happen that we were also in an Iconic landmark. If you are truly a car guy, you’ll know where and what this place is. If not… You’re still a Buster.

No cars were shot at, blew up or harmed during this shoot.

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