Slammed Aloha Sundays

MAHALO to everyone who came out to support our Slammed Aloha Sunday events and especially those who donated to the Toy Drive too!  Don’t forget to follow @illest on Instagram …


Slammed Aloha Sundays

MAHALO to everyone who came out to support our Slammed...


We’re on the lookout for aspiring female models in Guam!...

Adidas #ZXFLUX Experience Tomorrow Nov. 22

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 22, from 2-6pm will be the LA...


The H2Oi Experience

As most of us are starting to freeze on the...

Creating Timeless Performance

Hypebeast produces this Porsche X Acronym retrospective leveraging the new...

Nike Releases New Products for Athletes

Nike has announced the release of several new performance products...


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Slammed Aloha Sundays

Posted on by Anthony Nguyen

MAHALO to everyone who came out to support our Slammed Aloha Sunday events and especially those who donated to the Toy Drive too!  Don’t forget to follow @illest on Instagram for updated information on upcoming ones!



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F1: Down to the wire

Posted on by Johnson Kan

Better season than usual? racing wise, I think so, even if it has been a little one sided, but thats the way F1 works, technological advancement advantages are usually gained and dominated by one or two teams per season, and this year, it’s Mercedes’ turn.

The last race of the 2014 F1 season comes to an end tomorrow with a title fight on our hands for Lewis Hamilton and Nice Rosberg of Mercedes AMG F1 but who’s your money on?

With double points being thrown in to stir things up, everything is at stake for both drivers.  As a supporter of Hamilton, i’ll be rooting for him, considering he has won 10 races to Nico’s 5 and as well as Rosberg has never overtaken Lewis to win a race.

Lewis Hamilton – 334 points
Nico Rosberg – 317 points

Hamilton can win the title if…

Race starts at 1pm GMT.  I think thats 5am West Coast and 8am East Coast.

In other news…Haas F1 team USA is kicking off real soon with employment.

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Posted on by Fatlace Crew

We’re on the lookout for aspiring female models in Guam! Register now for our Illest Guam Model Search and get a chance to be featured in an upcoming Illest Lookbook! Eligible/Accepted registrants will also get free admission to Offset Kings Guam! Come hang with our crew at the Illest booth to chill and for a Meet & Greet with event-goers!


Ticket Information: We will confirm your registration via email update. On the day of the event, please bring the print-out of your ticket as well identification! For more event information, please visit event page for Offset Kings: Guam!

Disclaimer: Must be 18 years or older to register. Identification will be verified at the event. All registrants will be screened ahead of time for authenticity, and only eligible/accepted registrants will qualify We reserve the right to cancel registrations after we’ve reached capacity. Participants consent and agree entirely with event waiver upon sign up. 

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Adidas #ZXFLUX Experience Tomorrow Nov. 22

Posted on by John P

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 22, from 2-6pm will be the LA launch of the adidas #miZXFLUX app. Be sure to stop by the #ZXFLUX Experience to check out the app and the artist inspired shoes on display. Three exclusive LA inspired colorways (purple/gold, red/blue and LA beach scenery) will available to purchase at the event.

The event will be hosted by the LA Leakers (Power 106 – LA) and will include free giveaways, complimentary beverages, and more.

Adidas #miZXFLUX app LA Launch
Saturday, November 22
2 – 8 PM
1006 S. Olive St.
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Posted on by Anthony Nguyen

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back from an engine rebuild and paint refresh, I took it right out to the 3rd Annual Oktoberfest 2014 hosted by Mercedes-Benz Club of America Hawaii Chapter – mahalo for another great show!


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Jeff Koons @ the Whitney – warning explicit material

Posted on by Melissa

Just in case you missed the amazing Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney museum in NYC – here is a bit of it.   I had the opportunity to see this exhibit.  I waited in line in the rain.  They told me there was no good time to go and that the museum experienced a line to get in the entire 4 mos Koons work was showing.

Jeff Koons is regarded as one of the most important, influential, popular, and controversial artists.  You will see what I mean as you scroll. This (I would say) is his most iconic piece.  Balloon Dog.  The orange balloon dog sold at a Christie’s auction for $58 million making Koons the highest paid artist ever.

This type pf Koons art is called Banality – which means to  embrace without embarrassment our childhood affection for toys .  Otherwise recognized as Michael Jackson and Bubbles.  Kinda creepy.


Lobster Meat

Is this legal?

We’re all over the place here.

I couldn’t figure out how this was suspended.

She has lost her head.

Jeff’s favorite breed?

I know. I know.  but I know you wanted to see it!


This was some photo shoot.

I do appreciate that he has tried so many mediums, but does this look good?

Sex Quartz?

Hey, is this adult Disneyland?

Arrow loved all the colors!

And He thought this was play-dough

It’s a piece of cake.

This is where we saw Koons early work.  I am not sure I understood the 50 piece Hoover vacuum instillation.

Jeff took a shot at advertising.  I think all the greats try it.  Wasn’t Mark Arsenal in advertising once?

Hennessy the civilized way to lay down the law.  Does this mean – drink this now so I can get you to do what I want you to do?

Yes, 2 basketballs floating in a fish tank.  $900,000

He too worked at Nike.

This isn’t the Jackson 5.

I love your work Jeff, but what is this?   If you missed NYC you can go see for yourself at the Musée is Paris.

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Conversations with Kei Miura

Posted on by Kevin Carlos

Game-changing designer, art maestro, extraordinaire. These are the words that best describe TRA Kyoto’s Kei Miura. Last July, I had the privilege to meet and talk about design with him. So what’s really in for the Miura-San?

As a graduate of Industrial Design, I must say that he is one of the men that I look up to in the scene. May I explain why? Miura-San can sketch , scan an actual car, edit thru CAD, install a kit all by himself and run a brand that influences numerous shows/race cars today. This also marks my 16th and final entry about my trip to Japan 2014.

On to the cars. Miura-San said that out of all of his designs, the 180sx Silvia kit still remains as his favorite.  He dis-included the rear bumper on V2 which is inspired by the BenSopra model. When he was asked on why he did it, he answered “Bumpers may fall on high speeds.”

Rocket Bunny V2 of the kit is also available for the PS Silvia. I just love how the design progressed since those viral gas station photos way back 08. Gt Rodeo Special! 

Miura-San says that his designs reflect his younger days, as he we was exposed to the bosozoku culture and kanjo runs.

Now the brand has its own drift team, Team Rocket Bunny. This LS2-powered S13 is driven by Michihiro Takatori for Formula D Japan.

They also closely work with Enkei Wheels for their show cars and product needs.

He also accepts one-off kits for customers and customized parts to mix and match. Ever wondered on creating your own design for a specific car? Sure he can. I won’t go into details on how much exactly it costs. Let’s just say it’s a little less than a 458 Liberty Walk.

Miura said that he draws inspiration from the kyusha cars, as he likes to mix retro styling into newer models.

Design process starts from freehand sketching, followed by a full vehicle laser scan. Then the lines are adjusted through CAD before the mold is carved through a CNC machine.  The whole process of scanning, editing and mold making takes up to a month to finish.

How did he perfect his process? Self taught through trial and error.

Miura’s recipe for perfection is how he mixes his design with the actual OEM lines. Call it redundant but look closely at the details (ex. cut of kit), a lot differentiates his designs.

The brand’s reputation is more established as it is one of the most go-to aero manufacturers now. HKS for example commissioned TRA Kyoto for their D1/Formula D race car.

The car is piloted by NOB Taniguchi, just imagine this moment as he stretches out its 500hp supercharged Boxer engine into the mountains.

It may be the easiest or most common way to go widebody, but it does look really good. Quality is on point too.

6666 customs also caters to the designs of brands like Liberty Walk, Sarto Racing, Speedhunters and BenSopra.

Now that they are also catering your wheel needs in a special collaboration with Enkei. Miura-San definitely going back to his roots as he started out by designing wheels for various companies.

Designing a kit for a specific model is not easy as Miura-San said that he is very careful not to tamper the original design flow of the car.

He has done it all from his personal Civic EF to a Scion XB, Kei cars, Silvia’s and a bunch of Italian supercars. Miura’s design will slowly vary from bolt-on fenders to full kits (like the NSX). It’s simply amazing how his signature ducktail can look good on any car.

The guys at TRA Kyoto are satisfied with the impact of his brand but there is more to come. Currently he is finishing touches for the 350z kit and Scion TC. He is also in the pens for another run on the Murcielago, Challenger. Wanna talk rumors? Porsche Cayman, Honda S2000, Lamborghini Huracan.  

Love or hate the brand, Kei Miura and his fleet of bunnies are here to stay.

On to the next Miura-San. 

Instagram: @kevcarlos 

Fatlace | Manila Fitted

Filipino Pride All Day, Everyday. 


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2015 Offset Kings Schedule

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

Well, we sorta locked in our dates for our 2015 season so please if you’re in one of the neighborhoods that have a published date, save it and check out one of the best shows in the nation that features the low lifestyle. Our Offset Kings events in 2014 were excellent because of you so we’d love to see you present for 2015. We’ve added San Francisco to our schedule and are finalizing on locking in a date for June. Offset Kings, brought to you by Fatlace, Formula Drift & Illest.

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