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The Hunt

Once in a while you regret things in life and...


Check out this little teaser film of what to expect...

Cake Break

Back next week boos!...


Nike Releases New Products for Athletes

Nike has announced the release of several new performance products...

The Road Trip Video


Ruck Out Hawaii Video

Better late than never here is the official Ruck Out...


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The Hunt

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

Once in a while you regret things in life and alot of the times you find yourself reliving the past. This week was one of those weeks. I unloaded my beloved Defender 90 to a good friend and ever since that day I knew it was one of those “why did I do that” moments. So as weeks went by I found myself looking at Defenders every day and watching the prices soar to unobtainable status not only locally but pretty much on the entire west coast. Prices for Defenders doubled in the past 3 years and some have even tripled (low mileage NAS models).


I decided to look out of state (pretty much every and any state that was selling them). I searched Craigslist, Autotrader, Forums, you name it, I’ve looked and what I found was that the price of these NAS D90′s are constant. Random finds of right hand drive Land Rovers, grey market, and some of them that say they’re “100% legit” but who really knows. I wasn’t about to gamble on one after hearing a few of them have been crushed due to improper importing.

Out of nowhere popped this ad from Boise, Idaho. The price seemed too good to be true. Was it that nobody wanted to take a trip to Boise or was it that the seller didn’t care to see how much these were going for these days. Priced pretty much at the sticker price in 1995, this one-owner Defender was mine. The owner ordered it with a ton of options. From the all metal hard top to it being fully carpeted, this D90 seemed to have it all. It was even equipped with factory Air Conditioning which the owner added a few years later.

One of the coolest things about the truck was that it had an operational cel phone from back in the 90s. Here’s Brian pretending to talk on the phone.

The scenery of Boise / Oregon is spectacular.

You don’t ever see the sky like this where we’re from. Everything was so vivid.

If there was a time to be scared, it was now. No reception for 130 miles and this little town of Mcdermitt had only 2 places open to eat. The gas station or this small casino / cafe. Brian and I noticed nobody but Semi’s at the parking lot so we parked and headed in. To our surprise the food was actually pretty good (we were at the starving window but don’t let this review get you. try it if you’re ever near).

We stopped by Winnemucca. It wsas our last stops before reaching Reno.

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Posted on by Fatlace Crew

Check out this little teaser film of what to expect at OFFSET KINGS GUAM! Join us for a day of cars, drifting and more on Saturday, December 6th at Guam International Raceway! Registration is now open! Sign up now at OFFSETKINGS.COM!

Offset Kings Guam 2014 TVC from Anton Ngata on Vimeo.

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Cake Break

Posted on by christine

Back next week boos!


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No to Garage Queens

Posted on by Kevin Carlos

I had the privilege on shooting the ‘CarGuy‘ F40 during the Japan Motor Games at the Fuji International Speedway. The Tokyo based group is responsible for bringing in exotics to the paddock while living to the motto “no to garage queens”. On to the photos.

The founder of the group stretched his million dollar classic over the weekend. Would you do the same if given a chance to own one?

Judging from the visual side, no words can describe how Pininfarina and Enzo Ferrari envisioned the car.


He also brought in his McLaren 650S but chose to spend more time at the track with his F40. Talk about taste.

Out of curiosity on the single stage painting process I checked the small details to see what the exposed carbon fiber weave looked like. Ferrari fans/enthusiasts’ say that the F40 is more of a car built on the backyard rather than the production line, those misaligned rivets can attest to that. Bucket list stuff for me.

The car can be usually seen roaming around the streets of Tokyo, during meets and on places you couldn’t imagine driving a Ferrari in. Check this out: facebook.com/CarGuy.jp

With the variety of high horsepower cars during the event the V8 twin-turbo engine note definitely sounded best, especially on downshifts.

The driver on living his dream.

It was my first time to see my favorite Ferrari in the flesh and sure it was memorable.

Til next time, bedroom poster.

IG: @kevcarlos 

Fatlace | Manila Fitted

Filipino Pride All Day, Everyday. 

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NIKE Pan American Highway LA Recap

Posted on by John P

Nike’s Pan American Highway five-day skateboarding roadshow concluded this past weekend at the skate hub of Los Angeles, Lincoln Park skatepark. The tour began in Sao Paulo, Brazil before entering Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lima, Peru, Mexico City, Mexico before finishing in LA.

The event featured an athlete meet and greet, live musical performance, DJs, shoe trials and more. Top Nike skaters Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, Ishod Wair, Shane O’Neill, Youness Amrani, Theotis Beasley and Karsten Kleppan, gave a skateboarding exhibition for the fans at each location.

I sent my cousin to snap some shots of the event, check them out below. Thanks @jordans_photo

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Posted on by Fatlace Crew

If you haven’t already heard, Hellaflush has teamed up with VIAIR Corp. – High Performance Compressors for a month-long Instagram contest! SHOW THEM YOUR WHEEL GAP for a chance to win a VIAIR 444C Dual Pack!

All you need to do is follow both @viaircorp + @fatlace Instagram accounts, post up an Instagram photo of yourself next to your car pointing out the gap between the tire & fender, and use the tag #hellaflushME.

Simple, right? We’re one week into the contest, and the contest ends at 11:59 PM Pacific Time – October 31, 2014! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and enter now!

For full contest rules and guidelines, please visit our Social Media Contest page.

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Yokomo x Vertex Visit Fatlace Drift RC Garage!

Posted on by Fatlace Crew

Yesterday, Minoru Aso as well as Arisa Ueno and Adoru Ueno paid us a visit at the Fatlace Paddock! We showed them around and let them try out our new Fatlace Drift RC Track. Minoru works with Yokomo, a Japanese company that specializes in RC car products. (Pictured Below, Left to Right: Minoru Aso, Adoru Ueno, Arisa Ueno)

Arisa and her son Adoru do some prep work before hitting the track. Arisa works with Vertex Japan, a company owned by her husband, Takahiro Ueno. Recognize the name? That’s because you should! Takahiro is a well known D1 Grand Prix Driver. Their son Adoru loves to drift RC cars and has won 5 competitions so far. With the Ueno family, it is clear that the car industry and motorsports runs in their blood.

Adoru may be young, but he knows what he’s doing. Check out his RC car below!

Arisa was kind enough to drop off some samples for us to test! Thank you!

Adoru put on new set of Yokomo wheels and tires to run his RC car on our track.

Testing them out! So far, so good!

Minoru showed us this Yokomo chassis sample.

And while we’re at it here is an inside look at Adoru’s car, too.

When we were finished for the day, the track looked so empty.

Here are some more and TandE co.,ltd (Vertex) and Yokomo samples for us to test out. Thank you Arisa and Minoru for these goodies!

Group shot with our Fatlace RC Crew!

Thank you for visiting us Minoru, Arisa and Adoru! We hope to see you again soon!

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The Return of Orange October

Posted on by christine

That time of the year
when it’s summertime in the Bay
and baseball is best of the best.

My Godboo is born and raised #orangeandblack.

18 innings later…

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Because champagne rain never gets old.

On to the final four.
Let’s go Giants!


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