Chasing the Dream – Part 1: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

If you were to tell me five years ago, that in the not too distant future, I’d be packing my camera gear to head to the Nürburgring to shoot the 24 …


Saturday, August 23rd | Dream Day 2014

DREAM DAY 2014 “Dream but don’t sleep.” Saturday, August 23rd...

Illest Kids Fall 2014

The new illest kids line drops tomorrow August 19th online....

Nike Chicago Unveils New Jordan Space with Jabari Parker

Today, Nike unveiled the new Jordan space within Nike Chicago...


FatlaceTV: Offset Kings Japan 2014

Our visit to Japan is definitely the highlight of our...

FatlaceTV: Illest B-Boy Japan

Check it out. Illest B-boy battle in Japan hosted by...

Offset Kings Seattle by Yaer x Fatlace

Special thanks to Ryan of Yaer Productions on this years...


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FatlaceTV: Offset Kings Japan 2014

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

Our visit to Japan is definitely the highlight of our show season. Every year, thousands of people come to this event ever since we brought it here 4 years ago. Whats best is we get to see some of the most modified cars first hand and see some trends before they hit state side. Check out 9 minutes of Offset Kings Japan & Formula D footage, which was held at Fuji Speedway on July 6th, 2014. Filmed by Anton & Teru / AN FILMS

Offset Kings Japan… Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

@fatlace / @markfatlace / @an2onngata / @teru_fatlace / @yaeantho / @hellaflush
Visit Fatlace Daily @ http://blog.fatlace.com / http://tv.fatlace.com

Offset Kings Japan 2014 from fatlace on Vimeo.

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Saturday, August 23rd | Dream Day 2014

Posted on by christine

“Dream but don’t sleep.”
Saturday, August 23rd
Greenpeace Yard
955 7th Street, Oakland, CA

Photo Cred: Repost from Marty WillieMaze Aranaydo & Vogue One

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Mike “Dream” Francisco.

LIVE painting by TDK Crew & Fam
DJs // Day Party vibes
Print Signing by VOGUE TDK
Black Books
TDK Shirt release


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Illest Kids Fall 2014

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

The new illest kids line drops tomorrow August 19th online. It consist of our tees and tanks with some of our favorite graphics. Skylar and Hunter seen here modeling size 4 for both kids. You can also pick up the line, which is available now, at shop.fatlace.com, illest.com or at illest locations below.

Illest Hawaii – 680 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, Hi / (808) 888-0956
Illest Los Angeles – 316 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 / (213) 626-4578
Illest Orange County – 2950 Randolph Blvd, Costa Mesa / (657) 210-4019
Fatlace HQ – 800 South Amphlett Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94402 / (650) 342-3282



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Posted on by Mark Arcenal

When you think of fixed up import cars in the world, Winnipeg Manitoba is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Places like California, Japan, Hawaii, New Jersey are all suspect to the import bug but Winnipeg?

Well Danville Dingel’s S2000 featured here is from Winnipeg and will open your mind about tuners that aren’t from the typical places. Re-painted in Ford Mustang SVT Blue Metallic, kitted with Spoon, ASM & Top Secret, matched up with 24K Gold Dipped Regamaster wheels, this S2000 is definitely something I’ve never expected to come from the middle of Canada. Ryan direct messaged me on Instagram and asked me if I’d like some feature shots of the S2000. I obviously agreed and what you have here is the result from the photoshoot.

Photographer: Ryan Venzon
Owner: Danville Dingel
Location: Winnipeg Manitoba

2001 Honda S2000 AP1 , Mugen hardtop, Spoon Tai front bumper, ASM side diffuser, j’s racing rear bumper, Top Secret carbon fiber. Rear diffuser, Asm rear over fender flares

Paint: FORD mustang SVT blue metallic

Interior- bride zeta Kevlar bucket seats with bride pillow, mugen power assist 3 gauges, omp steering blue suede steering wheel, buddy club seat rails and side mounts , arc shift knob, CR radio door

Engine: aem cold air intake, t1r x brace, spoon sports drain magnetic plugs, mugen header

Wheels : 24K GOLD DIPPED Regasmaster marquis promode nsx spec 17 x 9.5 18 wrapped with 215 / 40 / 17 Yokohama parada and rear is 18 x 10.5 18 245 / 40 / 18
T1r titanium lugnuts

Suspension : Buddy Club N1 Spec racing coilovers

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My Picks at the Werks Reunion

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

The following are some of my favorites of the Werks Reunion. I have quite a few photos of the event so I’ll split them in 2 posts. There were so many cars at the event that you really couldn’t pick this or that or the best since there were details of every car that made them exceptional.

The details in the Singer 911s are extraordinary. It may seem so normal til you put a magnifying glass to it. I stared and looked at the details inside, under and outside for about an hour. The complimentary colors that were used on all of the Singer 911s that were at the events this week were just as amazing. One can only dream of building something like this in their own garage. Kudos.

Everything about this car looked like a late 60s / early 70s Porsche from afar but when you looked up and close, everything was new.

Oil on the right side is a very nice touch.

On 964′s the rear wing raises up after going 50mph for aerodynamics. Singer redid the rear wing with a subtle lip and added their version of a grill with glass that breathes.

I really liked their mirrors. I dont know if they made the mirrors themselves or bought them from another car. It was really nicely finished.

The olive recaros matched very well with the dash, cream and black interior. Someone knows how to use colors very well at Singer. :)

Pull that leather strap and you’ll get your harness bar.

All in the details.

Color combo makes all of the singers I’ve seen thus far extraordinary.

This 964 Turbo was powered by a Brumos 3.8L Hillclimb S2 Turbo engine. I was fortunate enough to run with this car on the highway the day before. It definitely was keeping up.

Love the houndstooth interior.

The profile is perfect. Turbo with a custom duck win. I’d love to get a duckwing onto the RWB one of these days.

Taking notes….

Love this early model 356. In late 1961, the rear window changed to a wider window and the rear engine lid had 2 “kidney” holes versus the 1 from early models.

Speedster seats looked great in here.

This Porsche 906 blew my mind.

Although there were so many 356′s at the show, this one stood out the most. An older gentleman drove it in and I immediately noticed how low the car was. I talked with him and he said his son and he restored it 12 years ago. Lowered with drop spindles. Awesome job.

One of the favorites of the show. This patina’d 1952 Porsche 356. Look at them cracks!

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Nike Chicago Unveils New Jordan Space with Jabari Parker

Posted on by John P

Today, Nike unveiled the new Jordan space within Nike Chicago with the number two pick in the NBA draft, Jabari Parker, in attendance and coinciding with the World Basketball Fest. A Chicago native, Jabari was signed to the Milwaukee Bucks and recently joined the Jordan brand team. Jabari along with Jordan brand president, Larry Miller, spoke about the excitement for the upcoming season and Jabari’s role in representing Chicago in the league.

The new Jordan space pays homage to Chicago Bulls icon, Michael Jordan, with a display of his signature kicks, apparel, and more. The new and yet to be released Jordan XX9 was on display along with an Instagram board where users can #takeflightchi and have their photo printed and placed within the design of his “airness.”

Check out the photos from today’s event.

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Chasing the Dream – Part 1: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Posted on by SCOTT NELSON

If you were to tell me five years ago, that in the not too distant future, I’d be packing my camera gear to head to the Nürburgring to shoot the 24 Hour with Aston Martin Racing, I’d have thought you were joking. Turns out it was no joke, but in the words of our team driver Liam Talbot, it was a baptism of fire. I have never worked so hard in my life, I smashed my 1D, risked life and limb trekking the forest at night and stumbling next to the armco in the pitch black with cars hitting well over 200km/h just metres away, destroyed my feet and went with only an hour’s sleep in a space of 38 hours. But it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done and I’d do it again tomorrow. But I’m getting ahead of myself, lets go back a fortnight to the beginning. Leaving Brisbane, we travelled via KL to the UK. An unusual starting place, considering our destination of Germany. The first day in the country, we picked up our rental car and headed out of London.

We had a stop to make with a team operating at the pinnacle of international motorsport. That team was Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1.

To get a private tour of a Formula 1 Team was without a doubt, a dream come true. I have seen some pretty big race team factories, where they do all their own design, construction and testing in house, but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer scale of the operation.

With over 600 employees on site, you start to get some idea of the size of the operation.

In the foyer along with the trophy lined walls, was a creation the team had great pride in. Naturally, we had to ask what it was all about.

Turns out the local town of Brackley hosts a soapbox derby and this is what happens when you ask a team of Formula 1 engineers what a soapbox racer should look like!

The team really enjoy supporting the local community who support them and this is just a fun way for the team to bring some flair to a local event!

Once we got past the main foyer, we were instructed to turn off our cameras, so the only sad part here is they were very firm about no photos inside the building. However, what I can tell you is that the things I saw in that factory absolutely blew my mind. You know that they are pretty serious and that a lot goes into it, but absolutely nothing compares to the level they are operating at.

To give you a few small examples, did you know that Mercedes F1 have a technical partnership with NASA? The technology that the F1 team produce in terms of making parts lighter and stronger and then the bonding technology that holds them all together, surpasses the tech of the people that send other humans into space. Think about that for a second!

It is an engineer’s dream operation, they design, build, race and test everything in house, with the never-ending goal of making everything more efficient. My maths is terrible so I may stand corrected here, but if my memory serves me well, we were told that they work to a product quality rate of 99.9%. Yep, everything they produce has to be perfected to that percentage. They further explained that as each car is comprised of just over 15,000 individual parts, at that percentage it means two parts will fail each time they race. Again, this place was bending my brain further into the realms of what is actually possible.

In the suspension testing area, they had an F1 car rigged up on a system that could be programmed with the on-car data from the logger that could then perfectly recreate those precise stresses on the car, around any given circuit, in real time.

The next part that totally shocked me is that all the logos on each car are hand painted. I was staring at the nose cones that were lined up waiting to go on the cars, when I realised that they weren’t decals. Turns out they have staff on site that painstakingly airbrush every part of every external panel. The minute rise and fall of having decals on the car changes the airflow over the car. Naturally they know this because of their wind tunnel on site…

I could go on for hours about all the things I saw, but all I can tell you is if you ever get the chance to see inside an F1 team, move mountains to make it happen! This really was a trip of a lifetime and there is plenty more to come on this journey to the Nurburgring 24 Hour. Stay tuned for our next installment, covering Part 2: Silverstone and Le Mans.

My sincere thanks to the team at www.liamtalbotracing.com.au and www.mercedesamgf1.com for their wonderful hospitality.


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Ladylike for Illest Lookbook

Posted on by Fatlace Crew

Ladylike for Illest will be releasing Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014. Be sure to check out our shop for all new Ladylike products!





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