The Hiroshima Bomber

TRA-Kyoto. It may be hard to stand out from the rest with the growing number of S-Chassis on a 6666 designed kit. Don’t get me wrong, but I still believe …


The Artist and the Boxer

As human beings, we are all fighting for something.  Whether...


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To round out my Hello Kitty night, I went over...


Nike Releases New Products for Athletes

Nike has announced the release of several new performance products...

The Road Trip Video


Ruck Out Hawaii Video

Better late than never here is the official Ruck Out...


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The Artist and the Boxer

Posted on by Ela

“Punching bags used as benches and a ring used a stage, a DJ and a love for the art.”

As human beings, we are all fighting for something.  Whether it be love, strength, equality or anything else in our bag of daily struggles, we fight.  The Artist and the Boxer show displayed just that in the most creative way possible- showcasing the art of the fight.  On Saturday, October 25, the Arcaro Boxing Gym in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle filled with patrons anxious to see an exhibition of fight.  But not just boxers; this exhibit was of spoken word poetry, dance and boxing and tied them all together with a little metaphorical gauze and artist tape.

The show was collaboratively curated by three extraordinary women, Nikkita Oliver, the poetry curator, Coach Tricia Arcaro, the boxing curator and Laura Wright, the dance curator.

Poetry curator, boxer and artist, Nikkita Oliver takes the mic in the center of the ring with artist, Militant Child in the background.

I was lucky enough to talk with Nikkita Oliver, to get deep into roots of her experience as a boxer and an artist and how they were able to curate such an inspiring exhibit.  “In the boxing world, it’s a tradition where a gym has exhibition bouts to show off the skills of their fighters to show how they are growing, but Coach Tricia is very much about looking at boxers as holistic people; seeing them also as artists and philosophers and the various things they are and so we decided to bring those two worlds together in the way that we do our exhibitions,” Nikkita told me.

In the past, the Artist and the Boxer was a show of fighters only showcasing their artistic side; it consisted of mostly musicians and poets, but the three women agreed to take the second show in this series to the next level and include their common ground- boxing.  The entire show took place in the center of a boxing ring, whether artist or boxer, each person was placed on the “Red” side or the “Blue” side and took stage at the center.  Every participant was asked to answer the question, “What are you fighting for?”  Nikkita said, “Because we are boxers, we also wanted to showcase what it looks like to actually fight in the ring.” “But as boxers, the ring is a special place for us.”

Two of Arcaro’s boxers during an exhibition bout.

Spoken word artists performed poems with the “What are you fighting for?” theme weaved into their poems.  The topics ranged from how one battles their anxiety to how the daily life of a woman of color is activism.  The boxers sparred for 3 minutes per bout, starting and ending each bout with a show of affection.  The dancers were given one song to express themselves with a routine.  The co-hosts, who were both musicians, also had the chance to display their art to the audience.

This particular show was also in celebration of Arcaro Boxing Gym’s one year anniversary.  I asked Nikkita, who is both artist and boxer to reflect on her experience there.  She said,
“What I’ve enjoyed most about learning in her gym, from her and the other coaches, is that she is very much about dealing with a boxer from the inside out and figuring out what’s going on in your head and your emotions and in your life that impacts the way you are in the boxing ring.  Boxing is both a mental and emotional sport.  And on some level, I think it’s more emotional than it is physical.  If you go into the ring and you’re having a bad day and you haven’t sorted through those emotions before you start sparring with somebody, those are likely going to come out.  And Coach is very much about digging into those real life issues as a part of your training because it makes you a better boxer when you know yourself.  Then you’ll be able to get to know other fighters better in the ring.  I think the philosophy and psychology and even the spirituality of boxing is deeply ingrained in the way that she trains.  I really appreciate that.”

It was absolutely moving to see a boxing gym transform into a museum of performance for one night.  Punching bags used as benches, a ring used a stage, a DJ and a love for the art.  The beauty was in the details and the art was absolutely magnificent.  Love and proper respect to Arcaro Boxing Gym and the curators, Coach Tricia Arcaro, Laura Wright and of course, Nikkita Oliver.

During the show, I was able to have a short conversation with a boxer, who was not in the ring that night.  He was not at all surprised at the combination of art and boxing.  He said, “I think that boxers and performers have a lot in common.  The only difference is the type of stage.  We practice and practice, put our emotional and mental selves in it and give a good performance.  In the end, boxers and performers leave everything they’ve got in whatever arena they perform in.”

Arcaro Boxing is located at 1208 East Jefferson St in Seattle, Washington. www.arcaroboxing.com

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Posted on by Fatlace Crew

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Posted on by Tricia

To round out my Hello Kitty night, I went over to the Jason Markk store to celebrate his latest collab with the cultural icon. They came together to collaboratively brand the premium cleaning product. As I mentioned in my Hello Kitty Con recap, this damn cat (or not really a cat?) has huge cultural impact. For her to still be present in my life as an adult and in a completely different manner as she was when I was 12, is testament to that.

Anyway, congratulations to Jason and stay tuned for his Tastemakers feature coming soon.

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Posted on by Tricia

For me, Hello Kitty and Sanrio in general, defined a lot of my childhood. Growing up, my family would frequent this Chinese restaurant that was situated in the same plaza as a Sanrio store. I loved eating there because I knew that after my meal, I’d be treated with Hello Kitty strawberry bubblegum. In elementary school, my friends and I would pass around Friends Only Files. We’d write our secrets, announce our gripes, and memorialize them in a sacred notebook for our eyes only. I can go on and on about ring watches, picture wallets, stamp cards, etc, etc. So when I heard that the Hello Kitty Con – commemorating her 40th anniversary – would be right here in LA, I knew I had to go.

It was… alright. I’d describe it as pandemonium, unorganized; a marketplace more than anything. There were way too many people. Wait times were so long that I didn’t get to see everything. But it was nostalgic and proof of Hello Kitty’s cultural significance. She has presence in the sports, fashion, music, art, and culinary industries. And they all come together at MOCA for the next three days.

I really enjoyed going through their vintage section. Anything purchased came with a certificate of authenticity. I almost bought this 35mm camera.

The market area featured some of the coolest Hello Kitty collabs. Not pictured but very honorable mention were Hello Kitty x MLB, Hello Kitty x Spam, and Hello Kitty x Sephora. I wondered why Vans wasn’t there. But then again, I may have missed it since the wait to OTHER market was a good 2 hours.

This part of the convention was crazy. Tucked in between the carnival and a long line for something else, was a small room called “HK Ink”. Going into it I knew it obviously had to do with tattoos but I wasn’t expecting this:

You had over 100 Hello Kitty inspired tattoos to choose from. For free. Artists from LA Ink were actually on deck to help you out. The way you get it done is by arriving to the convention super early and booking your same day appointment. Apparently I lost my chance as of 8AM today.

And that’s pretty much Hello Kitty Con in a nutshell. The outside area had a lot more activities, and there were panels and guest speakers to hear, even workshops to participate in. But I was over it. It was exhausting and claustrophobic. Plus, I had to make my way to the other side of Little Tokyo for another Hello Kitty event, which I’ll post about next.

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“Down With The King”

Posted on by RichG

Jay’s like King Midas as I was told
Everything that he touched turned to gold
He’s the greatest of the greater get it straight
He’s great
Playing fame cause his name is known in every state
His name is Jay
To see him play
Will make you say
God damn that DJ made my day

Over the past 20 years I have probably seen RUN DMC live about 10 times. They are, and have always been timeless in my eyes. Most music comes and goes, what’s great today won’t necessarily be great tomorrow, one hit wonders are a dime a dozen, especially in hip-hop. Run DMC is legendary, and 99% of the reason why I fell in love with hip hop in the first place. (Their music, their beats, their rhymes, and their style will never die). Last year I was fortunate to have been about 5 feet from the stage to witness this performance in Atlantic City unfortunately it lacked one key player his name is Jam Master Jay! When the curtain opened and their new DJ Jam Master J’son (Jay’s son), was introduced it felt as as if the spirit of the band had come back to life, and I’m glad I was in the building for that show! Today marks 12 years that JMJ is gone, he was 37 years old, and was considered one of the greatest, no doubt!

I can still remember the first time I heard this song and saw the video, it was a monumental time in my life. I was young (11 years old), impressionable, and I was drawn to the sound as if they were speaking directly to me! The 2:10 mark when they break through the curtain to meet Aerosmith wasn’t only a break-out moment for music in general, but it was all in that moment I knew this was the music for me, even though back then our elders figured this was just a fad! I knew it wasn’t going away anytime soon, if ever…I also knew I needed a clean pair of shelltoes (with FATLACE’s / no pun intended), and that I had to have this record stat! Honestly, that was the moment when my mom and dad knew I wasn’t going grow up like your average white kid from the suburbs of NYC!

To this day I still keep a clipping from the local newspaper inside of a notebook that I use on a daily basis at work!

The best way for me to describe what it was like to hear about Jam Master Jay’s passing is by comparing it to the pain your mom and dad felt, or in some case your grandparents felt, when John Lennon was killed. Maybe Elvis would be a better example. Both of them were before my time but hopefully this can help people relate! #RIPJMJ

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The Hiroshima Bomber

Posted on by Kevin Carlos

TRA-Kyoto. It may be hard to stand out from the rest with the growing number of S-Chassis on a 6666 designed kit. Don’t get me wrong, but I still believe that Rocket Bunny kits really do look good, if not the best. But Takashi Mine‘s add-ons made his PS13 distinct with his personal touches. On to the photos.

When photos of this S13 struck the web earlier this year, I said to myself, “I have to see this in person.” Fast forward to the Japan Motor Games last July, I met Takashi-San and then I realized the real sense of the build.

He did not go for the full 6666 PS13 kit, instead he only went for the front bumper, side skirts and signature ducktail. He is also the first to use 6666 RPS13′s front lip and rear diffuser on a PS.

“You wanna know how I got these scars?” Takashi-San utilizes his 400hp Silvia on local drift grassroots events while living up to his dream “I want to drift on a customized car at any age!

He also said that the Silvia is his only weapon of choice for modification. Takashi-San said that this particular build is his favorite out of the 8(!) S-Chassis he has owned.

Takashi-San also proudly represents Bad Quality together with Nakagawa Shuichi, one of the most respected groups in Japan based in Hiroshima.

Takashi-San also took this opportunity to spread his motto “Drive your Silvia’s! Drift it!” Look how his raw approach influenced the car. And yes photos don’t do justice.

Builds like this show that bad-ass-in-your-face-looks should have a deeper meaning into it. Drive it, hard.

Owner: Takashi Mine

Location: Kobe City, Hyogo

1990 Nissan Silvia (S13)


Rocket Bunny front bumper, side skirts and ducktail wing

Custom Rocket Bunny 180SX Front and Rear Diffusers

Custom overfenders



Volk Rays TE37V 17x9J -10 (f) and 17x10J -20 (r)



SR20DET with APEXi Power-FC tuned by Nishimura Engineering

Trust TD06, exhaust manifold, wastegate


Megan Racing suspension coilovers

Extended LCAs

Voing Special Customized R33 brake kit

Reinforced Subframe

Nismo GT Pro LSD

Be back in a few with my sepcspecial final post about my trip to Japan.

Instagram: @kevcarlos 

Fatlace | Manila Fitted

Filipino Pride All Day, Everyday. 


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Pleasure Before Business in Dallas

Posted on by Anthony Nguyen

While on a business trip to Dallas a few weeks ago, I was fortunate to still fit in some pleasure during my visit :)   First stop in the Lone Star State was the Fall Concorso at Boardwalk Ferrari, which was easy to find because of the migration of supercars on the highway…everything really is bigger in Texas!

Mahalo to Shane for the invite!  So last but definitely not least, here’s a few photos of his 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV European Model.

Part of my travel preparation is to always find ideas for photo adventures.  So I may or may not have discovered an active railroad tracks at least 75 feet off the ground…definitely one of the most sketch photo adventures I may or may not have been on recently ;)

Despite the short stay, I still managed to find some time for some monkey business at the Gas Monkey Garage and the Gas Monkey Bar N Grill.  In the words of the man himself “Get you some of that!”


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One, Two…

Posted on by christine



…years of blogging for Fatlace!


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