Photo Dump | Flushstyle II Parking Lot

The parking lot is a sight not to be missed in every car event. I headed out to Thailand last year to join Flushstyle’s 2nd year anniversary. I was amazed …


Photo Dump | Flushstyle II Parking Lot

The parking lot is a sight not to be missed...

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 by Lance Mountain

These definitely are worth making me post about shoes again....

Soundfreaq Releases the Sound Rise

Following up on my CES coverage, Soundfreaq has released their...


Flashback to Slammed Society Guam 2013

Hafa Adai, It’s been awhile since I posted a blog...

Offset Kings | Formula Drift Long Beach

There’s nothing quite like warm weather and tire smoke in...

Tokyo ….in reverse.

Video by Simon Bouisson of the sites of Tokyo in...


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Fare thee well old friend…

Posted on by Yogi

Have you ever sold a car?.. and I’m not just talking about any car. I’m talking about thee car. The one that made you so f*cking happy to finally get, the car of your dreams, you finally have it! The one you spent countless late nights with, you know what I’m talking about. Those days you attend to your car more than your girlfriend. Guilty of the crime myself. The one that you were most proud of to show everyone, the one you stare at as your walking away with that stupid smile you don’t even notice yourself doing. The one you may regret one day selling.


I personally feel a car is an extension of ones character and personality. Think about it, from the start and this goes for everyone, not just car builders. You just had to pick the right one, that one car that defines you as a person. It may be luxury, sporty, classy or maybe something plain & simple.  Just maybe it had to be red or black or silver or that one shade of white that you think is perfect. You want this car to speak for you and show the world who you are. But hey, maybe it’s just me. I’m a bit of a car nut.

My very close friend Ming Ly has been putting his Infiniti M45 (Y34) on and off the market for a little whiles now. Always indecisive on selling it or keeping it. One day he would tell me “It’s for sale!” then the next “Nah man, I can’t.” then another day came “I found a buyer!” then the following day “F*cker flaked” haha. After the car being on the market for a few months, the oh so lovely low ballers of the world would try their best and there was no positive snags. After a few months he finally told me “Can’t seem to get rid of her, I might as well keep it”. I was happy he was keeping it. Personally, I love his car. It suit’s him and his personality. Truth be told, before the purchase of my GS430, I was actually on the hunt for a Y34 for months. But I couldn’t find the right one. They were either beat up with low mileage, or they’d be in great shape with more mileage than a commuter airliner. I looked at over 20 of them. He was lucky enough to find one in such a great shape. I was often jealous of his find. So this past monday Ming call’s me and says “Dude, I think she’s sold!” I didn’t even know he was still trying to sell it really. But then I thought to myself that this buyer was just gonna give him the run around and flake just like the others. So really I thought nothing of it.

Another day went by and he’s like “Dude, I think its 100% sold”. We talked about it for a while and I was still skeptical about it, but then we decided to get together and shoot it just in-case it was really goodbye.

Last night he text’s me a tad bit sad and in disbelief about it actually leaving. I know the feeling. Think about it, it’s like seeing you ex-girlfriend with another man!  WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD! and you can’t buy her back! Well, not in this country. (Joke)

This afternoon he sends me text. The horrible news finally came . -_-. This my friends is the 4th worst feelings in the world, seeing your car drive off with the new owner. 5th having no rice in the pot and 6th getting soggy french fries at McDonalds. Damn you Ronald McDonald.

Oh yeah, its a fake number. But call it, you may win something.

She’s now gone and out of our lives. We wish you a good and long life with your new owner. May he take care of you and love you as much as we did. We might see her again one day, but It’ll never be the same.

Goodbye old friend….








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Posted on by Mark Arcenal

Check out my little cameo in this video produced by the “HotBoyz”, a drift team out of Canada. Hope to see y’all at Final Fight.

F*CK HOTBOYZ from jzx81jack on Vimeo.

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Photo Dump | Flushstyle II Parking Lot

Posted on by Kevin Carlos

The parking lot is a sight not to be missed in every car event. I headed out to Thailand last year to join Flushstyle’s 2nd year anniversary. I was amazed with the different types of vehicles. Check out these builds.

Zaanueng, founder of Flushstyle uses this Mr2 at events.

Kui, who’s in-charge of the apparel line built this S13 from scratch. The car now is making waves online due to its unique approach. Ever wondered what powers it? An SR on ITB’s.

Chevy Cruze.

Momm, founder of Crispy Clean was the overall winner of the event with his V50.

I remember this Rx-7 blasting the highway’s en route to the event.

Gold-plated parts and wild aero is now a global trend. “Arabo-spec” it is, right Iori Suzuki?


Nissan Teana on air.

Like Japan,  Thailand also has a crazy VIP scene.


S15 straight out of Japan.

510′s and a Ke70.


Pristine W114/W115 Benz.

Aired out trucks.








One of my favorites at the show.

124 drifter.

Fully tuned RE Amemiya RX-7, music to my ears.

You can never go wrong with “sporty wheels” on a VIP project. Check out this Aristo/GS

Y33 Cedric, 1 out of 3 in Thailand. Would love a chance to own one of these in Manila.

Impreza from FSTI, a group in Bangkok known for its boxer-builds.

1 of 2 Nsx Type R’s in Thailand.

This year Flushstyle scheduled their 3rd anniversary meet on May 3 at Wonderworld Fun Park.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Instagram: Kevin Carlos

Filipino Pride All Day, Everyday

Fatlace | Manila Fitted


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Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 by Lance Mountain

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

These definitely are worth making me post about shoes again. Jordan 1′s were used by many skaters back in the mid 80s and this time they’re back with the legendary Lance Mountain’s take on the iconic shoe as they wore them back in the day.

These shoes in my opinion are rather special in that when you skate in them (although, most of you will just park em in a closet), the true color of the OG 1′s come out. Red Og’s on the right, Blue Og’s on the left. Pretty clever and kudo’s to Lance and the SB team who worked on it and actually got it approved to hit retail. Definitely different in so many ways.

Another intriguing thing is that Lance used to ride for adidas and had a few pairs of shoes made for him but I guess this doesn’t matter much to those that like history of the Jordan 1. These will be available at Nike SB retailers on June 7. Good luck and watch the video below as Lance talks about why they painted their Jordans back in the day.

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Soundfreaq Releases the Sound Rise

Posted on by John P

Following up on my CES coverage, Soundfreaq has released their Sound Rise alarm clock. This was one of my favorite household items of the show. The modern styling of this bedroom speaker makes this product stand out from the drab competition.

Packed with features such as Bluetooth 4.0, USB power port for phone charging, Line in 3.5mm input, clock w/ back-up battery, and adjustable screen brightness w/ the ability to black-out the screen and auto on with wake-up. Sound Rise’s display is also designed with a custom font that optimizes readability without filling a room with excess light. Sound Rise includes a special dedicated button to use either as a sleep timer to fall asleep to music for a set period of time or as a nap timer to nap for 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120-minutes.

The compact size helps save nightstand space. Width: 5.2” / 132mm Height: 5.6” / 142mm Depth: 3.3” / 84mm

Listen to music while getting ready in the morning or use the speaker for more ample sound from your tablet or iPad.

I’m curious to hear the sound quality in person, but the Sound Rise is equipped with a custom designed monophonic driver; 3.5W with optimized power for maximum distortion-free volume and tone Control to select preferred equalization presets: flat, warm or bright.

The speaker is available in an all-black version for $69 at Target and Target.com. A taupe/wood version of Sound Rise will available for $79 on Soundfreaq.com and Amazon.com. I personally like the taupe/wood version best.

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Flashback to Slammed Society Guam 2013

Posted on by Anton Ngata

Hafa Adai,

It’s been awhile since I posted a blog on here, long enough for me to forget my password. Or I probably just have bad memory.
Well anyways, lets get straight to the coverage.

Slammed Society Guam 2013 was huge for the island; we needed a big show to spark that nostalgic feeling of building show cars from the late 90′s to mid 00′s when shows were huge on the island, when clear taillights, sentras with westerns and bleacher wings were the fit. We went from having at least 2-3 shows per year to having no shows for about 5 years straight; we had a few meets but it still wasn’t the same. The only thing keeping us up were the ongoing car blogs stateside and internationally, so we were pretty much watching from the sidelines while others partied out at car shows. During those times, one of those shows that everyone kept an eye out for was Hellaflush/Slammed Society. I’ve been working with Mark Arcenal producing videos ,since late 2011 and early 2012, but it never crossed my mind that we would ever throw a show here on the island. Fast forward almost 3 years later, with a collaborative effort between Fatlace, Upshift Ent, ANFilms and Illest, we were able to make that idea a reality for the island.

Also in 2013, our buddies at Hafadaze-a big supporter of SSGU-threw a car show named Autofiesta ,a few months prior to SSGU, which was off the hook, so huge props to them for joining that venture with us to bring that spark back to the island. Thank you.

Most importantly, we just want everyone to have a fun at these shows and experience the automotive culture, fatlace style, and the lifestyles that follow it.
Okay so enough of this chatter, lets get to the photo and video coverage-the real reason why you’re here.

Aerial shot of the Venue, The Guam International Raceway, where we held SSGU 2013

Some of the good guys at Proline Guam, which is the biggest automotive accessory shop on the island and also a big supporter and sponsor of SSGU. The only place on island that carries a full range of Fatlace/Illest goodies, from Illest T-shirts to Slammed Society automotive accessories.

Here are some shots from early to the show and leading on.

We also had a sick art competition hosted by the good guys of Opake. Those guys killed it.

Some shots from the Proline Drift Competition held in conjunction with our event.

Huge congrats to all the winners, unfortunately I wasn’t able to post up everyone. But we like to congratulate all the winners and everyone else who participated in the show.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who came out and supported the show. Also a huge thanks to all our sponsors and everyone responsible for making this show a reality. Thank you. Stay posted to the site for more info on Offset Kings Guam 2014, were going to have twice the fun this year. :)

Photos by:
David Zimms
Myer Basilio
Felix Chaco
Jason Cabigting
Argel Alumia
Terence Walker

Last but not least, check out the video coverage of SSGU 2013.

Edit by Anton Ngata
Camera OP:
Teru Inoue
David Zimms
JP Alano
Michael Marriott
Ed Lizama
Anton Ngata

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Slammed Easter Sunday

Posted on by Fatlace Crew

4/20 is Slammed “EASTER” Sunday @illestOC featuring 714 Tires. We will have an Easter egg hunt with prizes from our sponsors !  2950 Randolph Ave, Costa Mesa

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Nas performs at Coachella

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

Nas recently performed at Coachella and brought out JayZ & Diddy. Check the performance below in Classic Nas Style.

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