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As huge a fan of Honda I think I may...

Nike Football Society Combine

With football season right around the corner, millions of people...

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A day in SAN DYAGO.

Posted on by Yogi

Besides the title of this post, I’m going to be a good boy and leave out all the Anchorman quotes and puns… So its Sunday morning and I have nothing to do really. I’m laying in bed deciding what I want for lunch. Then I remember a few of my friends were heading down to San Diego to attend the Big SoCal Euro Gathering over at Qualcomm stadium. I kinda hesitated, just because. This year, I’ve sort of taken a bit of a hiatus with attending car events, just to really take a break and enjoy my summer. That and my girlfriend was about to kill me because last year we attended almost every show, hahahaha. But since it’s labor day weekend and I have an extra day of work, why not!


One does not simply go to San Diego and not take photo of this on the way.

Labor day traffic. I checked my SigAlert app and there was an accident a few miles up. I ended up pulling over at a view point for a bit, just until traffic died down a little.

What a view of the Pacific.

“Whatchu lookin’ at fool”

A few hours later, I arrived to Qualcomm stadium and my god was this event packed. Cars as far as the eye can see. As much as I wanted to see every car, this event was way to huge and to hot for my husky ass. I was breathing heavily as soon as I saw the event from this view, haha. I generally took a glance in the main area.


Correct me if I’m wrong. I believe this is an Audi 50. I did speak tot he owner to confirm the model. Out of all the cars in attendance in the main area. This really caught my eye. Such a classic and so well maintained.

An engine bay from a simpler time.

I stopped over the drag strip area. Though it was only an 1/8th of an mile, it was actually pretty entertaining. Though one disappointment is seeing a lot of these euro’s being beaten by a lot of America and Japanese :X but that’s none of my business. Hahahhaa, I kid.

at least that Porsche was able to beat that Civic EK *chuckle*.


E46 M3 over at the MotorsportHardware booth.

A future Ferrari owner.

Caught some of my friends car’s over at the Toyo Tires booth.

Though I don’t know the owner of this Audi. I personally love the GT Style done this luxury sedan.

Creaminz Porsche GT3 / Volkommen Design / LTMW

Floss_Design’s Porsche GT3. I seriously love his Center lock wheel setup. So unique being on a daily car.

Phaze2 Mizzark’s M5

Phat’s Porsche CaymanS / Royal Origin

A beatutiful E30 M3? Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not much of a euro fanatic.

Spotted a couple Audi RS5′s on Air by the guys over at TagMotorSports. I can dig it!


E30 triplets in the good old Red, HaWhite and blue color way. Merica. Hahaha




Rob The Crook 458 and Liberty walk 458.


I was actually on the way back from the portopotty. Spotted this gorgeous Benz.

The even’t kept getting more humid so I sat in my car with the AC blasting. Took this lazy shot of the Liberty walk GTR / LTMW

LTMW Liberty Walk M3.


Phaze2 Mikey warming up the Liberty Walk 458 for our Journey home.

and off we go!

Just to let you know, unofficially. A trip to San Diego cannot be done without eating at Phils BBQ, it’s the rules. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Beef ribs to die for!

and a cure for dehydration.

Now that we’re about 5lbs heavier. One last stop to the gas station to fuel the way home. Another shot of the Liberty walk 458

Phaze2Mizzark’s M5

Creaminz Porsche GT3

even the LTMW Toyota Tundra got some style. Gotta love those’s TE’s.

Do you know how awkward it is to caravan this all these amazing cars and here I am with my 1995 Toyota Corolla Wagon. lol -_-.

Victor Wu’s new new new m4. This is the first time I’ve seen an M4 up close and my oh my is it beautiful. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a transformation really soon.

 Homeward Bound.


US border control checkpoint. You should’ve seen the look at all the officers seeing each of these car’s pass by, just priceless. While they were distracting the agents, I got away with all my illegal drugs! Bwuahahahaha.

Its now about midnight and we just hit Orange County. I parted my way’s while the rest of them trek back to LTMW.


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Honda Day 2014

Posted on by RichG

As huge a fan of Honda I think I may be; I have never been to Honda Day at Englishtown. It wasn’t because of distance, or any other reason than my Hondas were never ready to be put on display for the world to see.  (I also had a fear of leaving my Hondas unattended for hours on end)

Rich has been going to Honda Day pretty much since the beginning.  Kinda hard not to be a part of that scene since his brother Gary happened to drive the legendary Ecko drag civic back in the import drag days of yesteryear.  A stark contrast between Rich and I to say the least.

Though I’ve moved on from Hondas they will always hold a special place in my heart.   So much so that I  jumped at the chance to tag along and take some photos.

Sorry,  I forgot my manners… I’m Jose.  I work for Rich and his family at County Line.   We were pretty stretched for time but managed to snag a few decent photos along the way.

Definitely no shortage of civic hatch’s in the staging lanes!!

 There was a solid contingent of Wagovans and CRVs that tugged at my heartstrings.  Both would make the perfect utilitarian daily driver.  And since they happen to be Hondas you know there is a ridiculously long list of swaps readily available.


Where else but Honda day can you walk in and buy a phoenix yellow hatch rolling chassis and everything you need for a K-swap?

This ITR had a front mount cup holder. Gangsta.

One of my favorite things about die hard Honda enthusiasts is their commitment to race day.  Whether they have big name sponsors and world records, are up and comers, or build their car with buddies at home they all go hard come race day.  Soichiro Honda once said “I just wouldn’t give in. No way” So why should they?



My only regret is that I never brought my 92 hatch or 95 Integra GSR Sedan when I had the opportunity so many years ago.

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Upshift Slammed Summer Meet

Posted on by Fatlace Crew

Better late than never! Here’s some coverage of the Upshift Slammed Summer Meet in Guam which happened on Sunday, July 27th! Despite the rain enthusiasts gathered, rides were put on display, and people still came through to check it all out! Once the rain stopped, everyone stepped out from cover and enjoyed the custom work put into all the cars.

Big thanks to Jim Cruz for lining the cars up in the lot, DJ JPogi for hosting and taking care of the music, and to Paul-Myer Basilio of Admyer Photography for covering the event. The event wouldn’t have been a success without the help of House of Kolor and Napa Paint & Safety for letting us have the event at their place and providing free refreshments all day. We are also grateful to all the enthusiasts who came out with their rides, the supporters, and companies who donated prizes for the giveaway (Fatlace, Illest, Car Audio Image, Hafaloha, Stance Appeal, TUNU, Local Steez, Proline, M2 Tuning, Mackin Ind., SSR, Opake, Hafadaze).




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Nike Football Society Combine

Posted on by John P

With football season right around the corner, millions of people are ready to root for their favorite teams as they take the field, while others are eager to set their optimal fantasy line-ups for Week 1. Rather than sit on the couch with a bowl of nachos and a cold brew (which doesn’t sound bad at all) or sit behind the keyboard waiting for fantasy players to score, Nike has invited me to get up and be active with the Nike Football Society LA.

The Nike Football Society (NFS) is a special invite-only co-ed flag football league that will be taking place on Sundays throughout the season. The season will consist of regular season games, playoff games, and a championship game dubbed, “The Turkey Bowl.”

Just as in the league, players were invited to participate in a combine at USC, that included a 40-yard dash, agility shuttle run, power ball toss, and a vertical jump. For Free Agents, such as myself, our scores will help captains determine whom to draft to join their team. With pride and ego at stake, I attempted to put up the best numbers I could having never attempted these activities before, and while definitely past my prime, I was ended up right in the middle of all that participated.

Not knowing what to expect I was a bit nervous stepping onto the field. Other players were much taller, stronger, and probably more athletic, yet my competitive side kicked in and I focused in on each activity. As long as I didn’t finish in last place I would be happy. Other players that I noticed included Drama (Young and Reckless), chef Eddie Huang, artist Madsteez, skaters Javier Nunez and Sal Barbier, DJ Skeet, Will Nichols from Stussy and High Snobiety, Power 106′s Vinny and Denise, Scotty Hundreds, The Platinum motorsports brothers, and actor Pooch Hall from “Ray Donovan.”

For the combine, we were gifted a few of Nike’s latest performance offerings that included the Nike Free Hyperfeel TR, Nike+ Fuelband SE Gold, and Nike Pro Combat training attire. I must admit the Nike Free Hyperfeel TR’s are super lightweight and amazing for training (possibly my new favorite work out shoes), albeit for the shuttle run it didn’t quite offer the grip on the turf that would have helped out a bit more.

My results were not outstanding, but for someone a bit older and out of shape, I feel I did well enough. There’s always room for improvement and I’ve set the goal to now get in better shape and stay healthy for the season to perform as best as possible.

I’m looking forward to the live draft next weekend and the first game of the season and will be sure to update everyone via this blog. Wish me luck.

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Illest Fall 2014 Preview | Featuring B-Boys Morris and Kareem!

Posted on by Fatlace Crew

Thank you Morris and Kareem for stopping by the Fatlace Paddock, showing us your Illest moves and helping us show off some of our upcoming Fall items! Take a look and stay tuned for Illest Fall 2014! Follow them now on Instagram! – @iammorris @bboykareem

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DREAM Day 2014

Posted on by christine

This past Saturday some of the Bay Area’s best DJs and artists gathered to pay tribute to Oakland’s
beloved Graffiti King and Bay Area legend, Mike “DREAM” Francisco. Recognized worldwide as a style master,
Dream’s graffiti established the visual aesthetic of Oakland’s Hip Hop culture and put The Town
on the map of what is now the fastest growing art movement in human history.

The TDK Family has shifted the focus from the tremendous loss to the time of his birth,
and the even greater impact of Dream’s contribution to the community of Oakland and the world of Writing (also known as graffiti).
All proceeds benefit the Dream Book Fund & the Dream Legacy Fund for his son Akil Francisco, now 14 years old.

This year DREAM DAY 2014 was a yard party honoring the life and legacy of Mike “Dream” Francisco,
with the TDK Crew & Fam painting the Greenpeace (yes, THAT Greenpeace) walls LIVE.

With DJs:
DJ Fuze (Digital Underground)
MykeOne (Almighty DJs)
SakeOne ((((Local1200)))
Max Kane (4OneFunk)
DuloDulo (Scratch Fight)

And live performances by:
Richie Rich (rapper)
Equipto of Solidarity Records
Dregs One & Patience (Zulu Nation)
Turf Nation


Much love and respect to Marty and the entire TDK crew and family
for putting together such a beautiful event, this year and every year.
As pics
below show, Dream’s light was truly shining.

Rest in Paint
Mike “DREAM” Francisco
(Sunrise) August 15, 1969 – (Sunset) February 17, 2000

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Posted on by Tricia

Last Friday night I was given the opportunity to have free food and drink, underneath the stars, right next to an architectural masterpiece. Ok, that was real dramatic, but last Friday I did end up at the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival on Grand Ave next to the Disney Concert Hall. And yes, there was free food and drink.

My very good friend, Vincent Valenzona, is the executive chef for Patina at the Hollywood Bowl and he was one of the select few invited to cook during the event. It’s been amazing seeing him evolve at his craft and I’m really proud of him. He undoubtedly earned his right to be there. The theme that night was Asian Night Market and Vince cooked up Thai larb. No bias here, but it was the best thing I had at the festival.

So here’s how it works (in case you’ve never been). You set foot on the red carpet and you stop at each booth. You get a plate of what that chef has cooked for the night, you enjoy, and then you make your way to the next one. Below are some highlights. Photographed are plates from Nobu, Morimoto, Public, and B Too.

That was the food part. I didn’t take advantage of the wine part of the event. I don’t drink wine, but I do drink cocktails and beer. Thank the universe for the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Stella Artois.

As I started to slow down, I ran into a familiar face. Chris Oh was also cooking that night. I don’t know why he’s so sad face in the picture; he just announced his new TV show on The Food Network! We told y’all he was a Tastemaker.

Before I knew it, it was closing time. Big, big thanks to Vince. Thanks for always making sure I eat good.

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Posted on by Tricia

Last weekend I made the trek down to the OC. The traffic from my area was brutal, but the reward at the end of it was worth it. Because food.

I came down to check out the second and final night of the KTown Night Market at the Angels Stadium. After an overwhelming attendance at their inaugural event in LA last April, the founders of this community effort brought it south for a weekend. The reason for organizing an event of its kind? Just to bring people together by way of food. And when you mix carnival rides, unique vendors, and live entertainment with that, you’ve got yourself a packed house. Which it was.

I started in the food truck area. I became familiar with what was available but at the end of it, I couldn’t say no to my favorite burrito by the White Rabbit Truck.

My goddaughter, Morgan, couldn’t say no to their white chocolate champurrado either. Big shout out to my dudes Mel, Mike and James who continue to do it with their Filipino fusion cuisine. They’re about to open up a new spot in Vegas!

I continued my food truck round and stopped to say hi to Ted and Yong – 2 out of the 3 owners of Seoul Sausage. The Great Food Truck Race winners easily had the longest line there. We caught up on their next location, on my next move, and everything in between.

After all the eating, I passed through the carnival and looped back to see the vendors.

Stussy and UNDFTD were in attendance with a mini sample/warehouse sale.

Rad was there, too. I hadn’t seen Randy in forever. He and I used to compete at these kinds of events when I had my own line. It was good to see him still cultivating.

The main stage. Dancers, DJs, singers, etc, were in rotation throughout the evening.

I ended the night in a whole other food section. Local businesses set up shop with a huge variety to offer. There was fresh squeezed lemonade, ramen burgers, whole fried squid, watermelon otter pops… The list goes. on.

Let me congratulate the staff at KTown Night Market. Y’all did great. Thanks for taking good care of Fatlace and my family; we’re looking forward to the next one in October!

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