Give me a second, while I clean the spiderwebs that have been collecting over my time away! No worries, I coming back with some heat, hotter than your mixtape and girlfriend combined! Do I got a # 45 on my back?…Cuz I’m back like MJ, BABY!

I recently attended the exclusive world premiere of Momo Italy’s Signature Steering Wheel: Magnus Walker Edition! Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Magnus has gone from selling altered PVC punk pants to collecting some of the #ILLEST Porsches! The Porsche-Enthusiast’s garage and showroom was filled with punk rock posters, vintage memorabilia, and of course, an untouchable collection of Porsches.

Now, on to the good stuff:


Hope you liked our live recap of #RoadToRennsport, on snapchat (ILLESTBRAND). If not you missed out and played yourself. *DJ Khaled voice*magnus-5magnus-4magnus-3 magnus-2magnus-10


Here’s a picture of one of the flyest mofos in the world, and Magnus Walker!


Heart-eyes emoji!



Big thanks to Victor, Marco, and the rest of the ID Agency team for the special invitation! Special thanks to Magnus Walker, congrats on the MOMO collaboration and your hospitality was greatly appreciated!

Until next time, thanks y’all!