25 Oct 2011

Illest Los Angeles

First shots of the new store remodel. It was time to get up to par with our SF store. Thanks again to Form3 for the buildout and Vince and Yogi for merchandising. We’ll have to re-look and work on it consistently now but if you have time, come by and

24 Oct 2011

Illest Beats by Dre

The Illest Beats Pro by Beats By Dre. Literally. Together along with the Team at Beats by Dre we created this special collaboration using only the best Beats has to offer. If you’re part of the trade, be the first to see these in person inside the RWB Porsche at

24 Oct 2011

TRIBE Agency FIAT 500 Revealed

Tribe’s FIAT500 Alpha Bravo project finally unveiled. Tribe has revamped the FIAT into a extreme sport based, fully equipped vehicle action vehicle. This FIAT stands out from the crowd, it inspires people to think in a different way. Our rendering shows off the Fiat’s sleek new look. Custom Inno sports rack, exterior finish

24 Oct 2011

Yellow Blaze

I am a hermit. As my age progresses, I find my self jumping from one interest to the next. Tattoo culture is what skateboard culture was to me back in 2002. I’ve become super enthusiastic about it and I have no clue what’s it about but all I want to

Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 10.25.13 PM
23 Oct 2011

Recording w/ Freddie Joachim and Question by Garvin Ha

Originally recorded for a documentary piece, I decided to take the footage somewhere else.” – Garvin Ha [vimeo][/vimeo]

23 Oct 2011

The Chronicals 3rd Year Anniversary Meet & Standard Function Ride

This past saturday my goodfriend of ‘The Chronicals” Joey Lee threw a meet at the infamous Eibach Springs facility out in Corona. Celebrating his 3rd year anniversary of his very poplular Honda dedicated blog.   I am a Honda owner just minus two wheels haha.  I hit up my boys over

23 Oct 2011

Canibeat’s 2nd Annual First Class Fitment

Canibeat’s 2nd annual First Class Fitment was held at the Princeton Airport in New Jersey. Because spots were limited to 175 and the event was focused on the quality of cars attending, only a select few were chosen to show. Upon arrival, it was quickly apparent that some of the

23 Oct 2011

Sema Build: Fatlace Sonic Render

I got the call from GM about a new line of car called the Chevy Sonic and once I saw it, I knew it would be an awesome car to build. The lines are similar to some German cars and sleek like Japanese cars. Best of all its a Turbo.