15 Sep 2012

Hellaflush meets heels

Max Fouhy has a tradition of building cars that polarise opinion and his latest creation does exactly that, all over again. Sitting pretty on a set of 14×8.5 -0  & 14 x9.5 -5  SSR mkIIs, this has all the swagger of a Bob Marley toting a couple of Tommy guns… Fatlace

15 Sep 2012

Sakura Shakotan

Cherry blossoms hold a special place in Japanese peoples hearts.  The ‘cotton candy’ flowers are only around for a week or so, and when Rupesh called me up with an old school ‘shakotan’ ride I knew right away that the ‘sakura’ background was the only way to go. The Japanese

14 Sep 2012


Mighty 4 Hawaii is going on tomorrow Saturday September 15th at the new Diverse Art Youth Center in Honolulu Hawaii!  This is a fundraiser for the Diverse Art Center and organized by Nikki Kealoha and M4 to bring the youth of Hawaii a place where they can develop artistry and

14 Sep 2012

Jon Do’s S2000

Jon Do’s first ever car experience was Import Expo and after that… he was hooked. He first had a RSX and after an unfortunate incident of totaling it, he got his AP2 last December. He left no time wasted and started to mod it instantly. To complement his Laguna Blue

12 Sep 2012

Muir Woods

To most Bay grown folks it’s normal to have never done or been to any of the infamous SF Bay Area tourist spots – aka the cable car (still to this day have not rode one) and of course Alcatraz (went for the very first time just last year, after

10 Sep 2012

LOWBALLERS.Japan × NeuFlava WTFSaturdays

The Lowballers Japan has teamed up with local crew NeuFlava to throw down weekly meets. It’s great to see the JDM scene super into the USDM scene and sometimes you can’t tell it’s even in the Land of the Rising sun. From Cali to Nevada plates they are USDM as

08 Sep 2012

From Canada: Blain Angus’ Infiniti G35 Sedan

Photography by Dave Levitt. Ever since I started going back to school I don’t really have much time on my hands for photo shoots. So what is the best way for me to keep features coming in?? Post up on forums and see if anyone has a “hellaflush approved” type

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