31 May 2011

Lowballers X Royal Origin “Bromance”

Our fellow lovers Royal Origin came and visited us this past week. It’s not just about the cars, it’s all about the goodtimes we share as friends. Laughs, drinks, the occasional kissing…pause no homo. We kicked it at a homies apartment till the AM hours. We miss Royal Origin already…We

31 May 2011

Chocolate Wasted

A while back, I came across an interesting article stating that in twenty years, chocolate will become a rare delicacy. Considering America’s tendency to over-consume, this is hardly surprising. What WON’T be a rare delicacy in twenty years?? But just in case this is to happen, or you just love

31 May 2011

Sunkist Orange

What do you get when you mix Orange Soda and a Honda Civic SI? Chivas’s super slammed whip. Riding thru the streets of Sin city hitting every reflector on the road, my stomach hurts every time I hear it. Sparkboy is a A.K.A we gave Chivas as one night we

31 May 2011

The Leader of the Pack

I’ve looked up to Jonas Bevacqua of LRG and thought maybe one day. I’ve seen him grow his company from tiny to HUGE over the last decade and its pretty shocking news that I found out he’s passed away. He always was ahead of the pack, his booths at Magic

31 May 2011

Event Coverage ~ VCCA “All Chevrolet Show” Car Show at Felix Chevrolet ~ Los Angeles

Sunday was the VCCA (Vintage Chevrolet Club of America) show at Felix Chevrolet in Los Angeles California. Alonso Guerrero from the VCCA worked hand in hand with the management of the longest operating dealership in Los Angeles to produce this event. They were allotted 200 spaces for the show and

31 May 2011

Deeper Than Rap

The Mezzanine is like the Area 51 of concert venues. Last night I smashed a whole DSLR along with a kilo of heroin in my butt and even with my personal wit and charm, security still required that I have a full search of my anus. I guess they knew

31 May 2011

Told ya…

So I had my 1st ever ride on my newest steed the Felt Z5, I’m in LOVE!!!! Here’s a pic/evidence of my 1st ride and me in spandex, if you’re gonna do it, do it right! Started at The Coffee Shop in Gilbert, AZ and took a 16 mile loop,

30 May 2011

Function & Form RX7

Very rarely do you find a car which blends both function and form seamlessly. It seems that most people believe you cannot have the best of both worlds, it is something that has always divided the car community. Those who like to use their car for spirited drives and track

29 May 2011

Fatlace x HellaFlush

Thanks to Abbitt who got to film some of the cars at our Hellaflush 8 Venice Beach meet that brought together enthusiast from all genres of the low life. A bunch of the cars left at high noon and ended up going to the other meet in Cerritos but we

29 May 2011

World, Meet Tim Mar. Tim Mar, Meet World.

Meet Tim Mar… You can usually find him behind the counter at FTLC HQ during the week at Laguna x Post. Ever since I’ve known Tim, his main source of transportation was his fixed gear. Well, that changed about a month ago… This was the first time I got a

28 May 2011

DJ QBert at Yoshi’s

Watching QBert perform live is always amazing. Skratching has progressed so much since the days of Rockit. QBert mastered the art of scratching with no fader. At one point he was drumming a beat with one record while skratching on the other side. Sounded like he was using a fader

28 May 2011

Fitting in.

Super nice Fit as seen at the Pray For Japan charity event at Pier 30 in San Francisco. And this Insight stood out amongst the crowd. The honda crowd always seems to keep their engine bays perfect.

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