07 Aug 2012

Played Out Show ‘n Shine by Rotiform

Last Saturday, Rotiform held a little show ‘n shine get together at the Tiki Bar in Sunset Beach, CA. There was a pretty good variety of cars there, but of course the biggest turnout came from those from Deutschland. Nothing like good group of Porsches to get things started.  Rotiform’s FR-S

06 Aug 2012

The Infamous Pre-Meet & Photo Exhibition

Yesterday was The Infamous Pre-Meet, held at IM KING’s flagship store in Santa Anna. The weather had already started to cool down as the meet was starting with food trucks from Dogzilla and Burnt providing their well known hotdogs and sliders all afternoon while the Longboard truck was ready to

06 Aug 2012

Paul Rodriguez on the new Nike P-Rod VI

Last week I had the chance to check out the new Nike 6th and Mill indoor skate park in Downtown Los Angeles. Located just a few blocks away from the Berrics and Fantasy Factory, this skate utopia is full of street obstacles designed by a collection of the world’s best

06 Aug 2012

American Eagle by Osamu Koyama

Ronin spends over 9 days filming Osamu Koyama, the artist behind jewelry brand Complete Technique, as he sketches, molds, and builds his masterful gold-plated design upon a blank Nike Zoom Force 1. Osa’s take on the snowboarding boot was commissioned by the brand for their Shoeshine Project 2012. Both the

05 Aug 2012

You can’t steal team spirit

I must admit, when you think about it, the time and money that we spend on our hobby of cars and motorsport is not all that easy to justify in any rational sense. I know that many of my friends and family don’t understand, they just smile and nod as

04 Aug 2012

Honda Museum

We recently visited the Honda Museum at Motegi Twin Ring Circuit in Japan. Check out some of the race cars displayed. For more photos, visit the post on Fatlace.

03 Aug 2012

1st Annual Pacific Ink & Art Expo 2012 August 3, 4 & 5th

The Hawaiian Islands have been the home to many incredible people. Some of the best surfers, painters, artists, tattooers and musicians have been nurtured and grown in this incredible place in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Growing up here, has been a blessing and it was only when we