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25 Sep 2011

How To Make It In America with Luis Guzman

New York’s LES is a place like no other — hustlers, immigrants, rabbis and rockers but amidst the melting pot, one man stands alone — LUIS GUZMAN. Let Luis Guzman take you around New York’s LES and show you the ropes. Meet his friends: Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg, Kid Cudi,

24 Sep 2011

G35 Sedan Showcase

A friend and well known individual in the Fitment community Marcus Cooke put together a G35 Sedan Showcase at Venice Beach this morning. I only live a few miles down the road so I drove over early to get some snaps of the clean G’s coming through. The Sedan community

23 Sep 2011


Gravis’ Fall 2011 line-up features a few great pieces added to the lifestyle collection. The collection is great to get your grown man game on. After years of skating I’ve strayed away from the thick and often heavy skate shoes and moved towards more function and stylish kicks to complement

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22 Sep 2011


FTC follows Teppei “Nasty” Iwabuchi and Yuhei “Marco” Hirose on their first journey from Japan to the USA. A Saint Genius Production Directed, filmed, and edited by Ryan Lindow and Brennan Hiro Williams ———- Filming on FOR THE COUNTRY took place in April, 2011. Only

22 Sep 2011

Fatlace Japantown: New Keychains And Stickers

Just received new Fatlace keychains and stickers! Swing by today to check it out. Fatlace Japantown 1630 Post Street x Laguna San Francisco, Ca. 94115 Hours: 12-7 Tuesday – Sunday / Closed Monday Phone: 415.409.3281

22 Sep 2011

Hellaflush Japan

Don’t forget! Hellaflush Japan is a little over a week away! Make sure to check your emails for “schedule” and “liability”. If you haven’t received them yet, please download them below. Please bring “Liability with your sign”, “ID” and “Paypal confirmation number” for HFJ. Thanks. Hellaflush Japanにエントリーして頂いている皆様へ イベント開催まで残りわずかです! エントリーされている方で、Fatlaceより「出展要項」と「イベント誓約書」が届いていない方は、こちらよりダウンロードしてください。なお当日は「ご署名済みのイベント誓約書」、「身分証明書(運転免許証など)」、「Paypal受領書番号」もお持ちください。 STAGING 出展要項

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22 Sep 2011


THREE | FIVE | SIX – brought to you by & Scene Media featuring Jason MacLean’s Porsche 356 and Charlotte Louisa Moran. Music: The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days (available from Model: Charlotte Louisa Moran Location: & Porsche 356 built by T2D: THREE |

22 Sep 2011

Electric Relaxation

Day 3-6 in Hawaii: In a nut shell, that was six day vacation in Hawaii. Just want to give a chest dap to Brett and Natalie for just inviting me to their beautiful wedding in Hawaii. I don’t think there would have been any other way to get me out