Its been ages since I’ve had the chance to run a full feature on a particular build. With a hectic event schedule throughout the course of the year we have primarily been covering the lifestyle side of the industry, but when the opportunity arose to chat with Alex Chen about his gorgeous 964 I was definitely excited. My father sparked my interest in the P car brand from Stuttgart years ago and the allure that the RWB creations draw is next level.

As the obligatory Q&A process ensued, Alex explained that he saw his first RWB at SEMA back in 2011 built by none other than our own Mark Arcenal. Pandora One thrusted the brand into the public eye and as Nakai built more cars in the States, Alex knew that he had to join the coveted Rauh Welt family.

The car seen here is actually Alex’s second RWB 964 that Nakai has crafted for him, the original being a Targa wearing the same Grand Prix White paint. After having a change of heart on a few aspects of the first build he came across an extremely clean coupe for sale a few months later and Nakai once again got to work. Alex’s favorite part of the process is just that. The process. Watching something take shape in such an artistic manner before your eyes is what does it for him, along with everyone else that has ever had an RWB commissioned and created.

As aesthetically gnarly as the exterior of these cars are, the meat and potatoes of the build lie under the boot and arches. The 3.8RSR power plant stuffed out back is a snarling beast that is more than capable of dispatching high end vehicles from a roll or on a road course, and a set of custom coilovers paired with some massive brakes keep this Pony’s gait under control; on and off track as well. Alex mentioned that the interior and engine of the car were both fully complete prior to Nakai’s arrival. The guts of the car are rather spartan, but it is a 964 after all and simplicity is the name of the game.

Towards the end of the interview I asked Alex if there was anything on the car he would change or improve upon and at this juncture the status quo and overall look will remain the same. The old school phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rings very true here. I’ll share a few more photos below and if you are in the Metro area you’re sure to see this thing cruising every once in awhile!

Thank you, Cuong Nguyen for taking these amazing photos. Make sure to give him a follow.