Bay Area Instant Photographer, Jay Aguilar has blessed us again with his 3rd Solo Exhibition inside the Soundcloud HQ of San Francisco.


Being that Soundcloud hosted the curated space, we couldn’t think of anyone better than Polaroid Jay, to fit the bill of marrying the theme of music, lifestyle and community. Showcased on the walls, displayed many of Jay’s collection featuring many iconic and influential musicians, bands and artists.


As you enter the HQ, the vibe is clear – we were meant for this, to be here and to congregate amongst all that we love. As you make your way towards Jay, his love is expressed through hugs and high-fives. And despite the number of attendees and being the man of the event, Jay spent his time around, making sure you felt welcomed and appreciated.





If you were to catch one of his updates prior to the opening via Instagram, you all know what little gift Jay will give personally. Not to bring you down for those who missed the show, but we were all given an actual polaroid of Young Jay, each dated and signed in his iconic hand-style signature. This was truly a separate treat in itself!



When you were done browsing the polaroids, lots of interactions were still active; meeting new people, seeing old faces, or catching yourself to a game of ping pong. Myself and Lorenze eventually found ourselves playing as well! (I absolutely love playing Ping Pong btw…)




The connection we build as an audience as we go through each polaroid is truly a personal experience. We may not be the ones taking the portraits, but there is something special that stirs up inside, especially when we come across an artist we love. The mental turntable comes into rotation, lyrics are recited and memories of that ONE night at the show light up. To those who are new to his work and even for us familiar, find ourselves shocked and amazed how he managed to get the shots.


As viewers, it is truly a blessing to be a part of Jay’s journey. Within each polaroid holds it’s own unique story, such as hardships, joy, success, and even the failures. The diligence and dedication he applies for each photo is beyond admirable.



Jay, as we all anxiously wait for the next polaroid or solo show, we want to thank you for sharing your passion. All that you do for your own craft, resonates motivation and inspires us towards ours.


We Create Together.

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