My homie Jon Chase (DSTROYR & Maisto) hit me up about reviewing some of the latest releases from Maisto. Me being the diecast collector that I am (thousands of pieces!) I obliged. Maisto is known for producing some great pieces so I knew I was going to be pleased when the items arrived. Last night about 9pm my doorbell rang and my UPS guy dropped these boxes on my porch.

No only was I excited to see what was in the box but so was my fellow diecast junkie Julian! Moderation is key when dealing with large amounts of diecast so we cracked open two boxes and started to open everything that was inside the two boxes. This post will cover the first box we opened and I will put another post with the contents of the second box.

The first box we opened was the 1/64 Maisto Custom Shop All Stars Release 10.2. This is a set of 12 cars & truck with different styles and manufacturers.

The plastic packaging clamshell is great. The decoration is nice and modern. The VW bug has an opening decklid and some nice DSTROYR tampos.

This 1936 Chevy Truck metallic paint is nice. I really like this casting. I love the personal touches the Maisto art team adds to the tampos.

The Audi R8 casting is very popular. Maisto did this one perfectly!

The 1937 Ford Coupe has an opening hood.

Like I mentioned before this is a set of 12. I only showcased a few of the set. I have taken photos of the whole set and put them here. If you liked to purchase a set check out my friends at Collectable Diecast.

Julian picked out his favorites of this set. We have 5 more sets to go through so I will be putting up posts for the next few weeks!