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REBEL8 X KROQ & Machete X MR. Cartoon built by Tribal Gear

Caught some limited tee’s on my doorstep, thought I’d share with ya…

First check out the shirt designed by the one & only Mister Cartoon for the new movie MACHETE it was produced by my San Diego homies/brand Tribal Gear
Thanks SA Studios
Here’s the front…

The back on the tail section…

Speaking of Machete, I havent seen it yet but I have seen all the video leading up to the film that SA shot including Estevan Oriol, love the spirit of Danny Trejo, good dude!

Directors-Cut of the MINI Doc with Danny Trejo from Estevan Oriol on Vimeo.

Next, if you haven’t seen it yet or don’t live in the Los Angeles area, REBEL8 and The World Famous KROQ 106.7 radio station created a summer logo that will be covering LA, via stickers, company vehicles, posters, promotions, etc.
I was sent some stickers that are available to you for FREE from any Del Taco location across the LA area…
+ I was also sent the Official KROQ crew shirt that staff wears at events, FRESH right?
Sorry these are not available unless your crew….
The sticker is matte finish except the RED so it pops, radical..


Back of the tee…

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