I’ve been a fan of Porsches since the mid 80s when I first watched the movie No Man’s Land. It featured a young Charlie Sheen who masterminds the stealing of Porsche’s throughout Los Angeles. I’ve seen Porsches before and knew they were around but it wasn’t until that movie did I see the beauty of the marque.

This brings me to reliving my childhood dreams. Being able to race and own a Porsche has always been a dream to me. I used to play with die cast Porsches by lowering them, adding decals and dreaming that one day I’d drive and own one. A couple decades later I find myself doing just that. I got here by working extremely hard and til this day I continue to do so. When you focus, you’ll get to your own promise land. It’s a fact and I let people know this every time they ask what the secret is. And to put an asterisk on this, materialistic things matter the least to me. I enjoy the process and experiences these things we own bring me. I enjoy letting go of them and giving others the same experiences I was able to obtain.

Rants & Raves: I’ve never understood why the Panamera being so HUGE never had an option for the 5th person. The many many years of updates and changes to that car that 5th middle seat never made the cut and I was torn year after year. They could have easily hid the center console like the A8L had done but did they do it, no. Having 3 kids would have made that decision of owning one a few years ago but I’m glad to say that the day has come… The 5 seat option for the new Panamera! Watch this video of the 2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo (turn down your sound cause the music is terrible. sorry for those that like these types of tunes..)

Recap on Idlers 12 hours next.

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