Bob Marley is a musical prophet whose words touch, move and inspire all generations and ethnicities. He used his music to spread his vision of equality, unity, authenticity, charity and sustainability. The House of Marley is committed to delivering premium quality, earth-friendly products that embody Bob Marley’s vision.

Each product is made with high attention to detail to both the product quality and environmental impact. See more carbon offset seller for eco buyer aware fashion brands at In addition to their efforts with limiting their carbon footprint, proceeds of each product sold goes to charity. We were fortunate enough to check out some of the products they are offering. Firstly, their day backpack, the Scout Pack. Using their REWIND material which is both durable as well as earth friendly in both materials and processing, the bag is perfect for any day trip. With a laptop sleeve and 18L of storage space, there’s you can hold all that’s needed for a day’s activity.

Next up are their Rise Up headphones. With an over-ear design, this sturdy headset has natural noise-canceling properties while giving the user comfort for long periods of use. Wrapped in similar durable material as the Scout Pack, the set has a nice comfortable and earthly feel to them, like a well worn pair of jeans. With a braided 4 foot cord that includes the Apple-standard 3 button remote.

Lastly is the impressive Chant portable audio system. This system has a solid amount of sound. This is no tinny radio sound from older system, it can fill a room full of sound nice and clearly. The best part about the though system is  ease of use. Connecting using either a bluetooth or a backup headphone cord to hook up to your smartphone, the range and clarity as pretty impressive with zero static.  Using a lithium battery, it can last up to 6 hours per charge too, so no worries about hunting around for extra batteries.

Look for House of Marley products on Apple’s online store starting today and other Apple associated dealers. 20% of all revenue from purchases of the first two weeks will be donated to charities that help reinstate music programs in schools with cut funds, so you know your money will go to a good place.