My plan this week in Tokyo was to find parts for my Hakosuka, get a helmet for the idlers 12 hour race, and goto the bookstore. Even in Japan, it’s not easy finding parts but there are a few places that you can count on but you have to be prepared for sticker shock. Parts for a Nissan”Hakosuka” Skyline isn’t cheap and is probably why I haven’t updated the car much over the past few years and was content with the styling and looks of it but more recently, I’ve decided to put my efforts into fixing and making my car the complete package.

One of the best bookstores in Tokyo is Daikanyama T-Site. If you’re a fan of books, this is your place. It’s library is extensive.

It just happens to be in one of the most expsensive areas in Tokyo. Check this Mclaren just posted in the parking lot.

Before I went crazy into the bookstore, we decided to eat at Aloha Table. Nice vibe and great food.

Here’s my Japanese Loco Moco.

I rarely shop for car parts but on my list were very specific parts. A header, original Nismo carb manifold, reverse lights, and a few other things were on my list. I’m happy to say that I was able to get all these and more. Here is Victory 50. One of the coolest shops that works strictly on Vintage cars and specializes in Hakosuka & Kenmeri’s. The owner who’s been racing Hakosuka’s for years helped us gather all these parts and more.

Awesome cars in the garage!

That Nissan Cedric (brown car) would be an awesome car to drive around town in.

Junk to many who don’t own a Hako but heaven to those that do.

Upstairs is where the magic is. If you do go here, don’t bring your wifes to translate for you. You should know better  since she has no clue what you’re talking about when it comes to cars. Imagine what her translation would be to them…

I wanted to bring home some seats but didnt know how I would transport them back. Ill have to ring my friends at Greddy for this one..

Nostalgia.. Old trophies and awards from winning races in the past. I believe some of these steering wheels are selling for 7000 bucks!

You can build a car from all these parts upstairs.

The steering wheel this mannequin is holding is offered at 7500 bucks! Nice suit too.

That black part under the red brick is what I’m looking for. Too bad this thing isnt for sale. Sucks!!!!

Carbs for days.

Back in the Tokyo madness..

Put some stickers up all over the place… That little sticker is so cool.

Shibuya madness every 5 minutes…

Oh what… a Sushi One tag.

Omotesando dinner…

We asked this girl to take a photo. She said ok. This is the style thats out here right now. Seems like the youth are all into it once again.

Ohhh.. Ramen dinner is always good.

Metro photo a must..

Another Sushi One outline! Crazy guy..

Teru came by and we cruised around..

Rocking that Fatlace Potrero frame in Japan! Awesome.

Sushi One slaps!

And I’ll leave this post with what happened to be one of the more eventful races I’ve ever been a part of. The next post is about the Idlers 12 Hour endurance race where I was able to drive with Team RWB using 5 different cars in the race.

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