Once again Vans has decided to team up with Scotty Cranmer our local hometown action sports hero out of central NJ! Combining Scotty’s style with the classic Sk8-Hi Pro! The soles of the shoe have a portrait of his bulldogs mean mug!


Scotty is at X-Games this week and I would like to wish my friend the best of luck! He already knows the little man Nico and I are probably his biggest fans! He already has 8 X-Games Gold Medals and is currently going for his 9th competing in BMX Park down in Austin Texas! His event will be on ESPN 3 on Friday @2:00 (online). Watching Scotty train at The Incline Club is nothing short of amazing, he has the ability to utilize the ramps in that park like no other, and the way he interacts with the kids that are riding there is amazing. He has an innate sense of making everyone feel right at home whether they are expert or beginner! My son started riding there at 6 yrs old with private lessons and open bike nights, and is now able to conquer every ramp in that park. A lot of that stems from watching some of the greats who ride there including Scotty himself! So once again, I just want to wish him best of luck! He has a great support group including a mom & dad who have always stood right behind him, and an aunt who was just diagnosed with cancer who runs the bike shop that his family owns in Howell NJ, SC Action Sports. There has been a GoFundMe account created by his family, I personally hope she receives all the support needed. She is a great lady and we pray for a speedy recovery her name is Karen! Please click on the link here

A while back ago I was able to get my hands on one of his gold medals but he wasn’t having it! I was hoping he wouldn’t notice…


Always a good time, and a great sport! I’m proud to call this guy a friend of the family!