Wsup y’all, we were happily invited to Shiekh‘s LEGACY LEVEL event, held at their new location in the heart of DTLA. Coming from a Sneakerhead, who has retired 7-times, the Broadway location is set to make some serious noise, serving as a boutique style store providing a mix of sportswear giants and Streetwears’ finest! I wondered if this place was Green Bay, CUZ IT WAS PACKED.*Haaaa…* Enough with the cornball jokes, and on to the good stuff!ILLEST-3

DEE JAY SEAN G was on the one’s & two’s. He even got the sick laptop cover to remind me where I’m at! *Warrrrr-iorsssss* :), (Photo Creds to my homegirl Row, catch her on IG, interwebs, & writing verses on whatthehellz!


Another eye-catching part of the store, was their well styled mannequins, which helps bring the apparel to life:


Shiekh’s Legacy Level store also cleverly features a section for all those who like tip toe wing in they jawwdinz.

The store also exclusively brought previously-released retros, unfortunately all of which were not copped by me. **Metallics, #45 10’s, Military 4’s, Chicago 1’s, Melo 1’s…..:( 


Here are some of my favorite pieces in the store:

These 4th of July/Star Air Force Ones remind me of when Nelly was on top of the Rap game + All those rare CO.JP releases no one stateside could get their hands on. Ah, the nostalgia.


My second favorite piece(s) goes to one of my favorite ball players of all-time, Mister Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. The 2-pair pack features a “Sharpie” Foamposite and new Penny 6. The pack, however, costs a pretty penny. You like what i did there. Ayeeeee. Just like the famous American Poet CAM’RON, once said, “I’m Anfernee, I do things the Hardaway.”  


And lastly the h’orderves and mixed drinks were kindly provided. Straight up, they were both flame-emoji good, fam!


Do your stylish-self a favor and pay a visit to Shiekh Legacy – Downtown LA @

745 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, 90014!

Thanks again, see y’all soon!

– Ferrariartie