21 Dec 2012

Arto Saari on Photography | Inside Alli Sports

I friend of mine put me onto this video of pro skater, professional photographer and all-around good guy Arto Saari as he begins his transition from full-time skating to photography. After meeting him at the iZZi Gadgets, “LA Enhanced,” event I started following his work a bit more. With most

02 Dec 2012

iZZi Gadgets presents “LA Enhanced” Recap

Last night in Downtown Los Angeles, iZZi Gadgets celebrated their launch with an event titled, “LA Enhanced” at the Crewest Gallery. The event showcased photography using iZZi Gadgets by artists, skaters and photographers including Arto Saari, Atiba Jefferson, ManOne, Willie T and Yuri Hasegawa in conjunction with Skateistan and the

22 Mar 2012

Gravis Quarters – Arto Saari Video

Growing up skating I’ve always had an appreciation of the sport and as I’ve gotten a bit older I still haven’t lost touch with my old pastime as it inspires me still. I don’t think I would of been much of a photographer if it wasn’t for that part of