31 Jan 2016


Little Tokyo a.k.a. LIT TOKYO a.k.a. home to #ILLESTLA, I just ask you to press play. No questions, please. Carrying on… Wsup y’all, reporting live with an Iced Cubano from Coffee Commissary (they didn’t pay me to say that, however, I hope they will), this is Ferrariartie bringing you a

21 Dec 2010

Hello Neighbor.

So as we’re completing our buildout for the Illest Boutique in Little Tokyo, we’re able to walk around and meet the neighbors during downtime. We’ll be shooting alot of what goes on around the neighborhood and for now, meet the neighbors. RIF. Our footwear neighbors. If you’re itching for some

17 Aug 2010

Bowls LA Little Tokyo

I was able to stop by for the opening of the new Bowls LA in Little Tokyo while visiting the Nisei Festival.  I had randomly stumbled by the store eating at Daikokuya (bomb ass ramen). gotta love the old school BMX+Ruckus. nice assortment of Japanese Honda Ruckus/Zoomer parts Even a