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Highlights from CES 2017

CES moved their schedule to be held from Thur – Sun, which meant that the tradeshow was sandwiched between Agenda Long Beach and Outdoor Retailer this year. With only a day and a half to walk the show floor I focused on many of the accessories and gadgets rather than completely new brands or technology...More Please

CES 2014 Recap Part 1

CES, the Consumer Electronic Show, where the electronic industry showcases the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets. The show itself is overwhelming and to top it off this year there were over 3,200 exhibitors. Many trends are born and die within the timespan of the show. With so much to see and showcase I...More Please

Behind the Build: Scosche x Alpinestars Subaru STI

Recently I was commissioned by Scosche Electronics to re-vamp an existing show car (Subaru STI) that they own to keep it current as well as give it a lifestyle feel, while showcasing their XD line of products. Scosche is mainly known as the innovator for car audio installation hardware and portable electronic accessories. They also...More Please

Logic3 Collaborate with Ferrari to Create Iconic Suite of Market-Leading Audio Products

With CES this week in Las Vegas the electronics world will come together to showcase the latest in technology and innovation. Check out the collaboration between Logic3 and Ferrari. The collection take inspiration and design cues from the Italian car manufacturer to deliver automotive passion to electronic consumers. Full press release and images below: Logic3...More Please