05 Feb 2014

Bridge Walk

As the beautiful Bay weather continues (to stress everyone out), the saying “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” comes to mind. Due to the drought, I’ll be doing my part and cutting down on my water usage by 20%. But like the saying goes, I’ll be joining ’em by

24 Sep 2013

Libra Season

And so it begins… the season of balance. And on the last day of summer, I took a quick trip to the city, crossing the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge for the very first time.  And whaddya know. How ironic that it would storm on that very day.

05 Sep 2013

93 ’til

Labor Day in the Bay is steady becoming known as a hip hop holiday. And on September 2nd, the second annual Hiero Day was held at the Linden Street Brewery in Oakland. With 20 years in the game, Hieroglyphics celebrates how they chill from 93 ’til. ‘This free all day