16 Oct 2011

Craft Civic

The day before Hellalfush Japan we cruised by Craft. They specialize in wheels, tires and have some pretty cool personal cars. This particular one was a honda civic ek hatch. I truly believe these are future collector car. Including the EF and EG, the EK will all have value because

14 Oct 2010

Civic Lane..

On the show of 100% Tuning in Ahoy Rotterdam there was a small lane with 5 Honda’s in it. Some EG’s and EK’s were invited. The ones who are really eyecatching were the 2 EG’s and the Brown EK. For the owner of the brown EK it was a special

05 Oct 2010

EG vs. EK

Last Sunday the weather was great so i went out with some friends on the road to take some photo’s of their rides. The EG is from Frank wich has a B16A2 Engine in it with Turbo on it. The EK is from Wesley and he’s still working on it.