05 Dec 2012


BARRY MCGEE Barry McGee (born 1966 in San Francisco) is a painter and graffiti artist. He is also known as Ray Fong, Lydia Fong, Bernon Vernon, P.Kin, Ray Virgil, Twist and further variations of Twist, such as Twister, Twisty, Twisto and others. I grew up seeing Twist’s iconic characters (i.e.

04 Apr 2012

Four Elements

What are the four elements of hip hop?  If you don’t already know it’s graffiti, the DJ, the emcee and the B-boy.  And my weekend had ’em all. Living in the Bay we are lucky to be exposed to the best.  And last Saturday I went to a special benefit

31 Jan 2012

Girl Power

Oakland is quickly becoming (dare I say) THE mecca of artists. And on the first Friday eve of each month galleries, bars, coffee shops, cafes, canni clubs…you name it…in the Uptown area open their doors to show the hearts and souls of these creative individuals. Folks from all backgrounds come