29 Sep 2013

It’s about that time..

1 month ’til Sema! This means crunch time for all the builders out there. Time everything come in from suppliers and time for all the last minute builds to get as close as possible to make it on the showroom floor come November 5th. This year we will be debuting

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 1.04.42 AM
30 Oct 2011

RWB.. Sema.. FFTEC Tuning..

As we arrived to pick up the first RWB Porsche ever built in the US, we were lucky to catch it on its dynotune. FFTEC of Hayward put a light tune before the Sema Show so we could cruise it around without having to scare anyone on the strip. At

16 Sep 2011

Sema Project 1 | FFtec Tuned 911 964 pt.2

The guys over at FFTEC are working feverishly to complete the motor build before the car goes into paint. I heard it fired up yesterday after getting its intercooler set in place. Look at this monster. If you’re ever in need of a 4 wheel dyno or need any type

09 Sep 2011

Sema Project 1 | FFtec Tuned 911 964

So as we vastly approach Sema this November 1st, the 911 964 C4 has been transformed from a stock powered 247hp to a beast with its turbo and tune by FFtec over in Hayward California. Power to match its looks is what I’ve been determined to do for this build