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Mark Arcenal

Last Sunday, after a successful and sold out Slammed Society NorCal show during WTCC at Sonoma Raceway, Illest sponsored FD drifter, Dai Yoshihara drove with the Fatlace crew on their way back to the Paddock.

Dai was stoked to drive Mark’s FR-S back to the Paddock

 A first time visitor of the Fatlace HQ, we gave Dai a full tour of the Paddock. (Note that everyone’s welcome to get a tour of the garage and our HQ when you visit us here at our retail store in San Mateo!)

 Dai’s showing off his Initial D skills and even challenged Kim, one of our web designers.

Dai took a shot at playing with Mark’s drum set and realized he has some hidden musical talent! 

 Thanks Dai for the visit, and see you this weekend in Texas for Formula Drift round 6 and at the Slammed Society show!



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Welcome back to Part 2 of the Infamous coverage. We’ll start out with some serious stance by Andy, laying it all out on the floor with some serious poke. Boom. Check out that photography stance! Hella calves with mad vein poke. Prepare to see a bunch of 350z’s and G35’s, each with their own style....More Please