24 Oct 2012

Season of Balance

As the season of balance slowly comes to an end so do the bday celebrations. Life is good.  Life is…excellent.  Life is renewed.     And what better way to balance these scales than with delicious dishes and birthday wishes, liquid quenches and body drenches. I’m ready 38…for another year

10 Oct 2012

Oaktown is Kickin’ It

I’ve been hittin’ up First Fridays for a good minute and I gotta say…it’s WAYYY off the hook now.  The media finally got word of this monthly street party in Downtown Oakland so now everyone and their mama be comin’ out to feel the love.  And with the new addition

02 Oct 2012

Just An Extra Ordinary Weekend

It was a weekend of getting out and doing nothing in particular…in the Bay.  Letting the road unfold to its destined path is sometimes how I like to roll.  So here’s a peek at what an ordinary weekend is like, from my not-so-ordinary point of view.  Because let’s face it…an

25 Sep 2012

Eat Good, Look Good, Feel Good

Fall has arrived and if you know anything about the Bay Area then you know this is actually the most beautiful season of the year…aka the Bay’s summertime.  And what better way to bring in the warmest time of year than with a food festival.  And not just any food

19 Sep 2012

Beach Blanket Babylon

Bonfire, beach and birthday!  That’s how my weekend was spent.  With family under the moon and stars, celebrating another year of birth for my sister from another mister.  Beautiful, thoughtful and undoubtedly loyal…she’s hipper than a hippopotamus and a ghetto fab guzzler.  Cheers to my cousin, the party girl professionAL!