11 Sep 2013

Slammed Society Showcase: Sonoma Recap

This year we teamed up with WTCC to present a Slammed Society Showcase at Sonoma Raceway for their 2nd ever event here in the US. Despite the high temperatures, the sold out show was full of the top notch cars expected at Slammed Society Showcase. Here are some of the

25 Jul 2013

Slammed Society Showcase: Monroe 2013

Monroe’s Slammed Society Showcase just keeps getting better and better with each year going by. This year’s sold out show had a healthy amount of slammed rides never seen before at our previous shows. What’s the NorthWest without some Subarus? You VAG fans out there should be able to spot

07 Jun 2013


This year marks the second time Formula D has held Round 3 at Palm Beach Florida and just like last year, we were back again with our Slammed Society Showcase. The weather may not have been very cooperative, but that didn’t hinder the amount of clean rides entered this year.

11 Apr 2012

Slammed Society Showcase: Long Beach

A new year, a new season of Formula D, and another round of Slammed Society Showcase begins. With more entries this year than ever, there was a lot to cover, so let’s go ahead and get started with the winners of Long Beach’s Showcase. For VIP, the winners were this

17 Oct 2011

Slammed Society Showcase Irwindale Winners

Better late than never! Here are our winners from the Slammed Society Showcase at Formula D Irwindale. VIP Time Attack Slammed Society Muscle/Classic Drift

24 Sep 2011

G35 Sedan Showcase

A friend and well known individual in the Fitment community Marcus Cooke put together a G35 Sedan Showcase at Venice Beach this morning. I only live a few miles down the road so I drove over early to get some snaps of the clean G’s coming through. The Sedan community

18 Sep 2011

WFC Murrieta meet

The wrongfitmentcrew meet turned full blown car show took place today in Murrieta, CA. Thanks to VIP Tint we had a sweet location this year. The sun was blazing hot but people rolled through all day to check out some of the best fitted rides in the Southwest.

07 Sep 2011

Slammed Society: Irwindale

Finishing off back down in SoCal at the famous Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, aka the House of Drift.  Registration is now open for the last Slammed Society Showcase of the year. Sign up for it after the jump.    

13 Jul 2010

Formula D Seattle Part Three

I attended my first drift event over 8 years ago during the height of the tuner car show scene, when Ken Miyoshi and the guys at Mainstream Productions put together “Drift Showoff.” Back then the drifting was very grassroots still and the show cars were the main attraction. Times have