27 Nov 2011

The LowDown. A Leilow X Illest Collaboration

We’ll be releasing the LowDown, a collaboration with Hawaii’s own Leilow and Illest next week at our Wekfest Event in Hawaii. Available at Wekfest Hawaii 12.4.2011 and at Leilow. Ward Village Shops Parking Garage 1150 Auahi Street Honolulu, HI 96814 Leilow 1532 Makaloa St. Honolulu, HI 96814 808 943 9111

08 Sep 2011

Team Proper Up / Illest

This year we’ve collaborated and teamed up with Team Proper Up and created Team Proper Up Illest. If you’re into martial arts, you’ll know at least one of these guys as they’ve been sweeping tournaments for the last couple years. Brooklyn’s going to be taking some classes in the next

28 Dec 2010

Guest in the Studio

Rick from RHD Japan in Torrance visited the studio today, driving through the rain to deliver a special package to us.  Hopefully he can catch some Z’s on the flight back tonight.

09 Sep 2010

She’s home..

After a long year of being excited, sad which turned into depression, which in turn, turned into tears of joy, the S14 is finally home. Next week she’ll be headed over to BlackTrax to get tuned and by Fatlace Classic, itll be on the street doing it’s thing. Here’s more

04 Sep 2010

Fatlace x Bukue One

We’ve been thinking of having a few artist Christen the Paddock and since Bukue was in for a meeting, why not be the first. Check out his fairly large Fatlace piece he did today. The Sequence (Bukue is 6’something tall..) The Piece Stay tuned as more artist will be doing