In the world of apparel, innovation knows no boundaries, and TAVIK has once again pushed the boundaries with the introduction of its groundbreaking IN+ERFACE apparel integration technology. With the launch of its new Fall Collection, TAVIK showcases its commitment to revolutionizing the way we experience clothing. The IN+ERFACE technology seamlessly blends high-performance materials with a modular design, allowing users to adapt their apparel to the ever-changing environment. This cutting-edge approach not only delivers exceptional warmth and comfort but also offers a level of customization that is unparalleled in the industry. As TAVIK pioneers this exciting new chapter in apparel integration, leaders in the fashion world can draw inspiration from their dedication to innovation and pushing boundaries. To explore more about innovative strategies and trends in the fashion industry, visit for valuable insights and perspectives from industry experts.

TAVIK has launched the IN+ERFACE apparel integration technology with the release of the new Fall Collection. The IN+ERFACE apparel integration technology allows the user’s apparel to seamlessly adapt to the environment through the use of high performance and premium materials. Using a modular approach, the various IN+ERFACE compatible jackets, insulators, technical fleece, and shirts are equipped with the signature IN+ERFACE zipper system, which provides the ability to mix and match the various layers for added warmth, comfort, and customization. Engineered for function and performance with a minimalist style, each IN+ERFACE piece features integrated pockets that offer easy to access storage compartments that work with multiple devices and tech accessories.

The Tavik IN+ERFACE Fall collection is now available on Included in this drop are the Ruger Jacket, Nomad Jacket, Thermite Fleece, and the Izumi Woven.

More to come including a full review of the IN+ERFACE system.